A collection of poems


1. Fire

My happiness is a candle that was once lit

But you must see, how it's fading bit by bit

Each day grows longer, the nights I fear

The darkness has sealed my fate, my dear  


Life is a never-ending chore

In which I can only see the flaws

Though my forced smile may show my teeth

You will never witness the sorrow that's hidden beneath  


I've hidden my pain within my eyes

Once i'm in my room I take of my disguise

I choose my weapon to fight the voices away

But in the next morning I find they will always stay  


You see, my happiness is a candle, fading, gone

Oh I miss that bright candle that beautifully shone

I want to scream and cry, but i've no voice shout

For that candle, my happiness, has been blown out.

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