my life with Niall:

sequel to "my love for Niall" now Niall hires Demy a bodyguard who turns out to be her ex best friend who is secretly in love with her. Niall and Demy are going to be parents soon but trouble keeps happening so how will they handle it?


29. and...died

Niall's POV:

the boys and i got up on stage for the meets and greets, fans were sitting on chairs when we stood behind the microphones to answer their questions. "hello everyone" Harry said when they screamed. Demy was sitting on a chair next to a fan who screamed and scared her, she looked so funny covering her ears, i love her more than words can describe.

the fans in the front row instantly grabbed banners from under their chairs and held it up for us to read. a word completed the other, the first banner said Niall, the next said I, then love, then you, then a long sign that was held by about six girls. it said u always surprised me this way and now it's my turn.

that made everything clear. Demy set this up. she stood up, ran and climbed the stairs then ran towards me. she put her arms around my neck when i hugged her so tight then picked her up when Fans were seriously screaming at that moment. i pulled her by the waist and kissed her. "i love this girl everybody" i said on the mic. making them laugh.

Demy's POV:

when the meets and greets were over, Niall got a call, he answered it when the boys and i waited for him in the van. when he hung up i could tell that something wasn't right so we all jumped out of the van again. "what is it?" i asked. "Demy y- your dad, he umm he got into a c- car accident and... died" he managed to speak. i laughed. "Niall stop joking" i said when he let a tear down so i knew he was serious. tears streamed down my face. "Noooooooooooo" i yelled then tried to run god knows where but Niall grabbed my waist from behind then wrapped his arms around me to keeping me from letting go. "Niall let me go" i yelled. "Demy stop" he yelled back then forced me to turn and face him. he hugged me so tight when i buried my head in his chest.


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