You are a Riddle

Artemis Flair, a girl who was sent back in time to change the past. She knows there is little chance of ever coming back. Artemis goes back to when Tom Mavolo Riddle JR was in seventh year, and he is quite the riddle, as is she!


2. Hogwart Here I Come!

A/N i am changing from 1st person to 3rd person, i just find it way easier to describe in 3rd person.

Artemis Flair woke up panting from a nightmare, her long brown hair spread like a halo on the pillow her head was resting on and her pale skin was glistering with sweat. The nightmare had haunted her ever since she left the safe walls of The Sahnar School for Magical Prodigies and Deformities, she believed it was somehow connected to her leave. Today was different thought, Artemis thought as she turned her head to face the dawn light coming through her draped window. But then again, the dream seemed so real!   The way her mothers face screwed up in horror and the silent scream when green light erupted around her body, and the sudden emptiness Artemis felt after waking up, she knew what the green flame was, it was the 'Avada Kedavra' , an unforgivable curse that gave you a one-way ticket for your lifetime at Azkaban, even thought the dementors had been long ago banished from that place by the Great Harry Potter, it was still a very gloomy place, well, gloomy sounded very good compered to what it was. Tem shook her head sharply, hissing at the pain that erupted in her right temple, back to the topic of today being special, she was leaving for Hogwarts! The school her father went to when he was 11! When she was small, he used to tell her stories of it's great halls and secret passage ways, he told her to remember what he said very carefully, because those secret ways had not only once saved his hide from filch and his meddlesome cat, not that Artemis didn't like cats, she absolutely adored her darling George. Artemis found sadness creeping over her from remembering her father, but she brushed it aside, she had not cried since he was named missing, and she wasn't going to start braking that rule now! Beside, today was supposed to be a happy day! She was going to Hogwarts! Artemis slowly slid her feet to the wooden floor and looked around her room, there was little furniture in it, but the space was large, only covered a little by a fluffy dark green rug in the center, a single bed pushed against a wall, a bedside table made of some kind of dark wood, and a cupboard and wardrobe ornately crafted out of mahogany wood. On the bedside table stood a vase filled with beautiful flowers that smelt of breeze and Autumn. Tem slowly made her way to the window, peering outside warily before opening the curtain to reveal a window looking out to a dense forest, Tem could look out into the woods for ages,mesmerized by the way the branches swayed in the wind and how flocks of birds flew up at the slightest noise, after looking wistfully outside, Artemis walked over to her wardrobe and looked inside, on one door there was a full-length mirror that Tem hated, she had never thought she was pretty or beautiful, others had disagreed but she had just laughed and told them to piss off. Artemis gazed into the mirror, her oval face looked back at her intently, she sighed, most of all she hated her eyes, they were so unnatural!Her eyes were a bit catlike, meaning they turned upward a bit, the pupils were a deep mud-brown, and then came the weird part, Artemis huffed as she examined the grey flecks in her eyes. Couldn't they have been green flecks or something? But no! They just had to be grey! And those flecks increased every month!Her mother told her that in a while her eyes would turn totally grey! Artemis rummaged in her wardrobe for some muggle clothes, she hated robes, they restricted her movement too much. Out she drew black skinny jeans and a green T-shirt with a black spiderweb dangling from a shoulder to a hip. She just liked goth clothes, and today seemed like a good day to wear some thing dark. Artemis looked out of the window again, the moon still showed, it had been crescent a week ago. Ten pursed her lips, werewolves weren't the only ones who suffered from the moon... Oh well.Her mother would be up already making breakfast, and than she would drop her off at king's cross station.

"Mother!I am ready... Oh MERLIN!!!!"Artemis stared go smacked at the living room, it was a site of a great struggle. Armchairs overturned, books strewn all over the floor,it was horrible. Suddenly,there was a loud crash, the sound of a door being flung open. Artemis looked around warily, grasping a weapon, namely a table leg, to meet the sight of...

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