troubled and broken hearted, with a broken family that's mending. Can Alexa at the age of 17 take control of her life, deal with her brothers fame and be the girl that everyone wants her to be.
Her past is bad, but when love comes along can she take control and not ruin everything, can she stay strong and not hurt him. Who is he?
Many years of bad luck, does Alexa finally turn her life around?


8. breaking the news.


Alexia's pov;

There was a knock on the door and I sprung away from Harry and pulled myself together. Harry walked over to the door and opened it. I felt my stomach go funny seeing Niall standing smiling in the door way.

"Harry was just leaving" I announced as Harry shrugged and walked out.

"Are you coming in or just going to stand there all day?" I asked folding my arms. Niall chuckled and walked in closing the door behind him.

"missed me?" He asked. I frowned at him as he walked over and opened my laptop.

"Why, should I have?" I said shaking my head at the same time. He turned back around to me.

"I got a surprise for you" He announced. I sat down on the bed crossing my legs and staring at him.

"Oh?" I asked suspiciously...

"your coming on your with us, your going to work for us for a while" He announce quickly. 

My smile turned to a frown. "please tell me your joking!" I shouted. He shook his head and stopped smiling, he stood up and looked around the room.

"I thought you would be happy" 

"WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT, I'M NOT COMING" I screamed at him throwing a pillow at him. He caught it, and then placed it on the chair. He sighed and walked towards the door.

"Its already planned, get packing we leave in the morning" He said softly before closing the door quickly as I threw another pillow at it.

I screamed loudly, and laid back on my bed.

There is no way they can get me to go!. They can live their famous life, but I am not getting dragged into it, mobbed by their fans, in the newspapers and all over the internet..no way. I can't handle that stuff, none of the fans would even like me.


Zayns pov;

"Take it she didn't take the news to well?" I joked to Niall as he walked down the stairs and stopped when we heard her scream. "Shes overjoyed" he said sarcastically.

"Something tells me she isn't going to pack either..she'll end up going with no clothes" He told me as we walked into the front room and sat down.

"If she wont pack there's no way your going to get her into the car and to come?" I asked frowning. He shrugged and Harry walked into the room with a glass of apple juice.

"I'll pick her up and carry her into the car If I have to" He told us laughing and sitting down.

"Thank you boys for doing this" Louis mum said appearing in the doorway.

"we just don't know what else to do, shes getting so out of hand" She said sadly and taking a sip of her cup of tea. We heard a key in the door and Louis came walking in. "you alright mum" He asked kissing her on the cheek and taking his coat of to hang it up.

He smiled at us all and then frowned. "Whats she done know?" He asked as we all laughed. 

"Nothing..just refusing to pack or come with us" Niall told him and changed the channel on the telly.

He nodded and sighed. "go sit down mum, I'll go talk to her" 

"I'll come to"  Harry said jumping up and putting his drink down. I smiled. I knew what this boy was up to.

I could tell from the gleam in his eye he fancied her, I know that this would be a big problem to, I need to have a word with him.

Alexia's pov;

I turned my ipod up louder and laid back on my bed looking up at me ceiling. I just closed my eyes when someone burst into my room. I sat up sharp and yanked the headphones out of my ear.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" I screamed seeing Louis standing by my bed and Harry standing blocking the door.

"Family intervention" Louis replied laughing.

I sat up more and crossed my legs again. "Haha funny now get out" I spat.

He stared at me for a while and then looked around, he walked over to the top of my wardrobe and grabbed the suitcase and threw it on my bed. "PACK" He shouted pointing at the suitcase.

"NO" I shouted pointing at the door. Harry started laughing and looked down at the floor because Louis was glaring at him.

"If you're not going to help mate then leave" He hissed as Harry shook his head and looked up trying not to laugh more.

"no..no its okay I'm going to help" He mumbled

Louis looked back at me. "Im not leaving till you've packed" He announced.

I folded my arms. "then your here for a long while, get comfy, any song requests?" I asked unplugging my headphones.

"ERGH JUST DO AS YOUR TOLD!" Louis shouted getting even angrier.

Harry smirked and folded his arms. "if you don't pack..I'll pack for you..which drawer has your underwear in?"

Louis glared at him again. Harry just raised his eyebrows at me. Something told me he would.

"Your such a creep" I hissed getting up and walking over to my wardrobe. I picked out loads of jeans and shorts and dresses and slumped them on my bed. I walked over to my drawers and collected loads of my underwear and threw them in the suitcase covering them with a couple pairs of my jeans. 

"what drawer is your tops, I'll help you?" Louis asked smiling at me. "bottom one" I told him as he pulled it open and started going through them.

I glanced over to the door and Harry winked and left closing the door quietly.

"I like this top..when did you get it?" Louis asked putting it up against him.

I started to laugh as he put it on over his top and selected a pair of heels. "does it suit me?" He asked laughing. 

"you look like an idiot" I told him laughing and taking the top and heels of him and placing them in the suitcase.

"No change there then" He joked as I nodded my head in agreement "OI" he shouted picking up a pillow and hitting me with it. 

I stood shocked "seriously how old are you!" I said in a sarky tone.

I picked up another pillow and hit him with it. 

"this is the sister I miss" He told me softly putting the pillow down. I threw mine back on the bed and sighed. "yeah..well don't get used to it" I told him and went back to packing. Louis sighed but helped me to.

Once we had finished I zipped up the case and put it under my bed. "well its late im off to bed now" Louis told me. I nodded and went and sat on my bed. "yeah same..goodnight Lou" I said.

He nodded and shrugged "goodnight sleep well sis" He walked towards the door turning the light of and then leaving.

I sat staring at the end of my bed in the dark. I wasn't use to having a sibling, before I came here it was just me and mum and her different boyfriends...most of the where just creeps, I had to protect myself from them. So it's not my fault im not a very good sister?

When I came to live here, I felt so alone, Louis and my dad and his mum they were like a perfect family, Louis was so kind to me and we got along when I wasn't feeling alone. Then he left for his tour with his band mates, I hardly saw him, I didnt get on with my dad or his mum so I was really alone. 

I'd text and call Louis but he wouldn't have much time for me.

Maybe being on tour with them would be okay..as long as I can stay out of the public eye..which would be extremely difficult.


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