Crush Chronicles

Alex wants nothing to do with any boy. She needs to focus on her grades and getting valedictorian of her class. Everything changes this year as she finds herself in a love triangle with her best friend and the schools starting quarter back.


2. Lunch

I sat across from Travis at the dinner across from the library. I was angry at him for interrupting my study time, but I'm glad that I finally had a break. I looked at Travis. He was a tall thin guy. His dark hair matched his eyes. I had always thought he was cute, but in a friend kind of way. I would never be able to have anything more then what me and Travis had now. I liked it that way.

"What can I get for you ma'am?" The waitress started at Me. " Uh.. I'll have... Turkey club with a diet coke" I responded.

She turned to Travis and smiled. "What would you like sir?" She glared at him like he was a trophy. Travis was of course oblivious. "I think I'll have the turkey club as well. Sweet tea, no ice."

We handed the waitress out menus and began talking about biology class and how insane Mr .Pipper is. I liked having these stupid talks with Travis. He is the only one who understands me and doesn't think I'm a complete and total outcast like everyone else does. It's always been that way. Ever since we were kids.

I'll never forget how we met...

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