Crush Chronicles

Alex wants nothing to do with any boy. She needs to focus on her grades and getting valedictorian of her class. Everything changes this year as she finds herself in a love triangle with her best friend and the schools starting quarter back.


1. Travis

I sat alone in the library flipping through my text book. Exams were tomorrow and nothing was getting in the way of me and my 4.0 GPA. I turned the page again and was interrupted by someone grabbing my arm.

"Oh God! Travis! You scared me!" I stared at my best friend. Me and Travis have known each other for years. He's my other half basically.

"Ha, sorry Alex! Wanna go grab some lunch?" He offered out his hand.

"Actually, I'm busy studying for tomorrow. Maybe later." I turned back to my book. Travis looked annoyed. "Alex.. You've been in here for 3 hours.. I think you'll be fine to take a 30 minute break."

I ignored him. He knows how important this is to me. I don't have time for this. "Ok Alex, you leave me no choice.." He pulled me out of my chair. "Wha! Travis let go! Come on dude I have to study!" I tried to pull away from him but I had no chance. Travis wasn't very strong but I am very small compared to him. Travis started to tickle me on my sides. "Ah!! Traviiiiisss! Stohahahp!!" I squirmed and tried to get away but it was useless. "Only if you promise to come get lunch with me!" He continued to tickle me. He knows I hate when he does that. "Ok!!! Fine!" I squealed. He let go and smiled. "Let's go then!" I rolled my eyes and followed him out. Travis sure knows how to ruin a study session.

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