Who am I?

Cassia has always been a happy child in Amity but after she turns twelve she realizes how unhappy she is with the Amity life-styles. she soon becomes depressed and does not want to live life as a Amity, on the day of her choosing ceremony she decides she will become Dauntless, something she has feared to be since she was little. now she decides to step out of her comfort zone to be happy once again.


3. time lapse 4 yours (age 16); choosing time

I am sixteen now, tomorrow is my choosing ceremony. Tomorrow i will choose to go to Dauntless with Nathan and Jake. We will leave our Factions behind and make a new life out of Dauntless. i am in the backyard of my house, underneath the apple tree with Nathan. "Cassia whatever happens tomorrow just know i love you, and i know I'm not suppose to say that while i'm still a Abnegation but i love you and i will not deny the pleasure of doing so anymore" I laughed at him, "Nathan i love you too, and i am not afraid to say it because loved shouldn't be masked under the Factions beliefs, i love you, i love you, i love you and i will scream it to the world if i have to" he smiled and picked me up in one swift move. Even  though Nathan was Abnegation he was very strong. Abnegation aren't suppose to show a lot of skin and muscle, but whenever we are together Nathan always takes off his outer clothes and leaves his gray undershirt on. The weird thing is he isn't pale, like he should be. He has a somewhat dark skin tone, like he was sun bathing and tanned in the process. i loved the way he looked and acted. He put he long sleeve shirt and button it up. He held out his hand and i took it. He led me up the stairs of my back porch. We walked in and my father was on the couch watching a show about Farming, a thing he loves to do. Nathan walks and sits by him. i walk up the stairs to my room. I close the door behind me. i walk to my nightstand and open the secret part of it, where i keep my razor. Now i know what you are thinking, a Amity girl cutting herself? Not something you see everyday but yes i cut and i have been since i was twelve years old. Not everyone knows about this. The only person who has seen them is Nathan. I wont be happy until tomorrow when we go to Dauntless. i grab the razor and go to the restroom. in there i cut on my hip a D, for Dauntless.after the bleeding kinda stopped i went back downstairs where my Father and Nathan were sitting at the table. i almost walked out of the hallway but then i heard my dad talking to Nathan, "Now Nathan you do realize how much trouble it is to get in control of my daughter, such a free spirit she is, are you sure you want to marry her?" i sucked in a breath, was Nathan asking for my fathers permission for marriage? "I know how she is  Mr. Clare, i can handle her. i just wanted to ask you if its okay with you before i do". i was about to cry, but i couldn't because then they would know i was listening. i heard my father sigh, "Well you are a nice man and you did ask me before anything so my answer is yes, you may ask Cassia to marry you" i walked up the stair quietly then walked down loudly so they heard me coming. i knew what was coming, Nathan was going to ask me to marry him, and i was prepared to say yes and we would live in dauntless together, forever

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