Who am I?

Cassia has always been a happy child in Amity but after she turns twelve she realizes how unhappy she is with the Amity life-styles. she soon becomes depressed and does not want to live life as a Amity, on the day of her choosing ceremony she decides she will become Dauntless, something she has feared to be since she was little. now she decides to step out of her comfort zone to be happy once again.



Hello my fellow fan-fic readers, its me, now you may not know who i am but I'm someone who loves to read and write (if i didn't i wouldn't be here) most of my stories may be a little dark, that's because right now I'm going through some tough times with everything and this is how i express myself. I'll be sure to leave my instagram down below if any of you want to see my fangirl site. I just want all of you, whoever may be reading this, to know how much i care about your opinions and i love hearing your ideas for my next update. and believe me i need some ideas, so plz comment. i can promise you that this is going to be a good book, Well um so i have to go but I'm gonna be on here a lot so yea BYE!!!!


Instagram: @i_love_books12 (fangirl site)

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