Benton School for Gifted Teenagers

Terri Warren is a girl who grew up on the streets, abandoned by her parents as a child. She earned a steady income from shady underground breakdancing competitions, but was usually caught up in fights afterward involving the fact that she's white. When a trained assassin kidnaps her to be his accomplice for one mission in particular, she doesn't expect to be forced to spend her year in a boarding school for gifted teenagers. Even more surprising, her kidnapper seems to be becoming more interested in her than just as an accomplice...


1. Therese is an Old Lady Name

I sighed, turning in my seat to face the passenger side window of Victor's new shiny black pickup. Ugh, now he knows I'm awake.

"Comfortable?" He asked, slightly turning his head to view me in his peripheral vision. I could tell he was smirking, and I didn't even have to look.

"Don't patronize me, jerk," I snapped, keeping my back to him.

"I would never do such a thing, Therese! What have you been told of me!?" He asked sarcastically, using my new code name that he came up with, which I absolutely despise. It sounds like an old lady.

His short spiked black hair and tan skin imply that he is from Spanish descent, but his striking hazel eyes revel that he is actually from an Italian descent. All the while, I was cursed with boring French blood. I look like a total white person with my long, caramel brown hair tied up in a high ponytail and dark blue eyes lined with thick black eyeliner. The only advantage is that I learned French when I was little, so I can insult people and they think it's a compliment because it sounds pretty.

Anyways, back to the story. Victor kidnapped me. That was around a year ago, when I was still living on the streets earning money from illegal (and violent) underground breakdance competitions. Sometimes people got angry when I won because, well, I'm white. So I learned how to fight pretty quickly, too. Victor is a trained killer-for-hire that needed a female accomplice for some of his jobs that were more, ah... difficult, for a man. Basically I had to get the guy to kiss me, or something like that, and while he's distracted, Victor sneaks up and kills him. I was trained for around 11 months, and sometimes I literally almost died. This is one of those times.

Fourteen hours I've been in his truck. Doing. Nothing.

"Are you going to tell me why you almost killed me for a year just to make me actually want to die!?" I finally said, twisting around in my seat to face him.

"If I did it would ruin the wanting-to-die part," He replied easily, "Besides, we're here."

We pulled up to what seemed to be a huge gated community, but upon closer investigation, I concluded that it looked more like individual dorm rooms.

This jerk took me to a boarding school.

"Ugh,  are you kidding?" I said, struggling against the restraint that kept me pressed to my seat, unable to escape the car.

"I'm afraid not, sweetheart," he smirked, "I have to stay here also, don't be vain."

"I'm not your sweetheart."

"Oh please, don't flatter yourself. You're hardly an acquaintance of mine," he laughed mockingly.

He parked the truck and released the restraint so I could get out.

I didn't try to run. he would catch me. He's been trained much longer than I.

We walked to a large building that was probably the main office. A petite old lady sat at a tiny neat desk, which sat in front of a door that was probably another office.

"Do you have an appointment?" the lady asked nonchalantly, while still looking down at her paperwork.

"No, we're actually new students here," Victor replied patiently, and the lady suddenly became much kinder.

"Oh, hello. My name is Charisse, I'm the nurse and receptionist here at Benton School for Gifted Teenagers. I know you will love it here. May I ask your names and special, ah, talents for your forms and schedules?" she recited, looking through her papers for a new student form.

"My name's Victor Saline, physical activity is my strong suit, ma'am. My friend Therese Van Der Warren, here, loves dancing and is quite skilled at martial arts," He answered, trying to seem like an A+ student.

"Very good, Victor, Therese, I'll have your class schedules ready by tomorrow. Your dorm number is on the key. Don't lose it! You dorm partners have been notified just now and you should be able to not be bothered on you way through the campus, school is in session right now," she rambled on a few more sentences until she could tell she was boring us, and let us go get our bags from the truck.

As we walked, Victor quietly filled me in on our mission:

"There's a guy here, seventeen year old, blonde hair, green eyes. His name is Niklaus Georgsson, and he is in martial arts, like both of us. That's where you come in. Make him trust you, do whatever it takes, but don't get attached to him. If my plan goes right, he should be a 'missing person' by the end of this school year."

As we walked, I noticed a growing crowd of teens around the gate waiting for us. They must not get new kids often. A boy near the back caught my eye. Blonde hair, green eyes, it was him. I shouldn't complain, he's pretty hot. The problem is, he's got a girl on his arm already.

But then why is he staring at me like I'm his dessert!?


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