Baby Bump (Liam Fanfic)

Farrah and Liam have been bestfriends since little babies. They've always done everything together. He was her other half. Liam promised her they will always be bestfriends Forever. But what if Forever doesn't last. She moves away and comes back to find out Liam is in the group called One Direction. What if one night she goes to a club with her friends and get drunk. Next thing she knows bam! She had a one night stand with the one and only Liam Payne. They both don't remember anything. 1 week later she knows she's pregnant realizing it was her bestfriend Liam. What happens when Eleanor tells her One Direction is coming to England? How will the boys react? Especially Liam? Find out.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2








It’s another extremely long day of school. Blah. Whatever at least I have my awesome friends attending with me to this hell of a place. My mom thinks I like school, no cross that out ‘love’ school because I’m intelligent and get really good grades but me no no. In reality I’m just a little rebel to all of the other nerds at Stanford High (made up). The good thing is school ends in a month it’s flippin’ awesome! I can’t wait for that summer feeling you get. Mmm. I just love it! Going surfing, the BEACH my favorite place, traveling, Six flags, my personal favorite sleeping in, oh soo many things to do! The girls and I have to start planning now!







I snapped out of my thoughts. Everyone in the class gave me weird looks. Farrah not again. Well I can’t help it though this class is boring. My head turned to my teacher whom seems to give me the ‘are you day dreaming again’ look. I gave him an apologetic face.



“Sorry Mr. Greene.” He faced the board and started writing again. This is going to be a long day.



*Lunch Time



As the bell rang everyone started rushing out of the class rooms. Damn. They must be hungry or something. I got out my phone from my back pocket and unlocked it, texting Michaela, Pearl, and Katelynn where they were. Pearl replied automatically.



To: Farrah

From: Pearl c:



~Hey Girly we’re at the tables near that big tree where that one kid broke his arm.




Oh I remembered that day. I think his name is Tim, or Tom, or Tucker? I don’t know but anyways one of his friends dared him to climb that big tree and so he went for it.  By the time he was half way to the top he lost his grip and fell breaking his arm. It was terrible. You could see his bone popping out. Eww, I don’t want to remember.




To: Pearl c:

From: Farrah

~Ok! Be there in a bit.


I quickly texted back and went on my way.



“Hiiiiii!” my friends all say raising their hands as I said it at the same time sitting down with them. It’s our signature greeting; it’s from ‘the most popular girls in school.’ If you haven’t seen it check it out on YouTube. It’s really hilarious in our opinion.




“So what’s up?” I asked getting out my juice box and pb & j. Hey don’t judge, it’s my favorite snack.



“Well I was just telling Pearl and Michaela that I cussed out my teacher today.” Katt smirked.


I started laughing “Gosh Katt you’re one mother fucking badass. Who did you cuss out?”


“Mrs. Davis” her smirk grew bigger.


“That’s what I’m talking about” I high fived her.


“What should we do during the summer guys?!” I asked talking a sip of my juice box.



“Pool party!” Michaela suggested drinking her Starbucks mocha drink.  Wait. Where did she get that? Did she pay Katelynn to ditch school to get her Starbucks? I swear she loves that stuff. I roll my eyes then Pearl suggested we should go on a shopping spree in Rome. We all agreed to that. I suggest we should travel to many places since we love traveling.


“Tell her Pearl!” Michaela said.


“Tell me what?” I asked suspiciously.


“Our parents agreed on the idea of us going to England to study over there!” They all seemed really excited at this point.


My heart stopped. England. I thought I’ll never go there anymore. What if I run into Liam? Oh no. Is that good or bad? I’m confused.


“Earth to Farrah” Katt waved her hand in front of my face.


I snapped out of thought and gave them an apologetic face.


“You sure day dream a lot” Michaela laughed along with Pearl and Katelynn.


“So what do you say? All of us go.”


I didn’t want to say anything of course. They always dreamed of going to England but me again….



“I’ll think about it.” I finally spoke. The rest of the time we made plans and you know talked about girl stuff. But I just can’t seem to get Liam out of my head. 


School was finally over and that night Danielle and Eleanor attended to my sleepover along with the girls.



*Sleep over


I heard a knock on the door. Eager as a little kid wanting candy I got up and ran down stairs in my pink & black striped pajamas. My room was ready for a girls best sleepover.! I opened the door and came in screaming Michaela, Danielle,Katt,Eleanor,and Pearl. I screamed too. "Hiiiiii!" we all raised our hands in the air. They went up the stairs to my room. They put they fixed there stuff in my room and got out their blankets and stuffed animals. 


"Ready to have the best sleep over ever?!" I screamed.


"Yea!" they all screamed.


We went down the kitchen to make some brownies. Yumm. Michaela, Eleanor, and I made the brownies while Katt put the movie on and Pearl and Danielle made some hot chocolate.


After a while of some fail brownies Danielle and Pearl helped us and we made the best ones. Supposedly they did most of the work. Ha Ha Ha. ............................. That was true. We survered ourselves hot coco and brownies and bundled up together in the couch to watch our favorite movie Mean Girls. (: 


After the movie ended we went up stairs and started doing eachother's hair and painting nails while gossiping. You know us girls ;0 ;)

"Did you here Steven Carmicheal is with Sydney and Cassey at the same time?" Pearl said. 


Eleanor and Michaela bursted out laughing while Katt, I ,and Danielle had our mouth open and were all like 'Shut up'.


Everything was going great until they Katt started talking about England. I was nervous. Danielle and Eleanor are living together there currently so we'll get a house next to theirs! That's the good part. Danielle told them England is phenominiall ;) and you get to met lots of people. Was it me or did it get hot in here. The girls seemed to notice me.


"Babe, what's wrong?" Eleanor said feeling my face. "You seem hot. Do you feel well."

I nodded.  They just gave me a look.  They know when I'm lieing.


"Since we've been talking about England you started acting weird Farrah. Do you not want to go?" Katt asked.  What do I say?

"Yes, I mean no, I mean yea. I don't know" I put my hands on my faces.

They all came closer. 

"Is there something you want to tell us?"  Danielle asked.


I took a deep breather and let out everything that happened before I came to the United States.


They all look hurt. They hugged me. I felt happy that they're here to hear me. I'm glad they understand what I went through.

Danielle and Eleanor seemed to look at each other for a long time surprised.


"No no. It's just- uh that's kinda what happened to my other Katrina" Eleanor replied quickly.


I shrugged "Well I don't want you guys to not go because of me. So I made my mind up I'll go"

Their faces lightened up "Really?"

I nodded they all hugged me. Did I just make a mistake?



Hey guys! 

I updated! Yay! I hope you like it. Please follow,vote,and comment! Watch the most popular girls in school it's hilarious! Trust me.

So Eleanor and Danielle lied to Farrah ................... Dun Dun Duhhhhhh

Find out why tomorrow. Thanks for reading



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