Nothing Last Forever

It was the summer of 09 when I met Ryan , he had the prettiest big brown eyes he was tall and chocolate with a nice Body I thought I found the man of my Dreams until..........


1. the summer of 2009!!

I was hype to wake up on the first day of summer knowing I didn't have school , no Irking ass teachers and no loud behind kids acting like they don't have no damn since , well this was my first day of work , my homie Bri got me a job at footlocker for the summer

Phone rings

Mya can you get that it might be Bri ,

April little sister mya answered the phone

Mya-hello ,?

Bri-hey mya is April up ?

Mya- yeah she's in the shower ,

Bri- okay tell her hurry up and don't be late !!

Hanging up the phone mya went to the bathroom and told April to hurry up and don't be late ,

April-what time is it ?


April-oh damn I gotta hurry up imma be late

Jumping out the shower April ran to her room and got dried off and put her uniform on and ran out the door to catch the 11 trolley , after getting on the trolley April. Notice that she didn't have her phone , oh shit I forgot my phone yelling out loud , people stared looking at her like she was crazy , arriving to work , she seen Bri and another worker , outside the store , waiting for the boss to get there ,

April-it's 10:14 why isn't the store open

Bri-cause the boss always the hell late , girl get used to this ,

April-let me tell you how I lefted my phone home . I'm so mad

Bri-yeah cause your ass woke up late and had to rush..

Cutting Bri off

April-... I'm sorry hello my name is April I'm the new worker here ,

Jordan-hey wassup I'm Jordan ,

Jordan didn't talk much why they was out there witch April thought was wired but she wasn't worried bout nobody and nothing but making money , a few minutes went by and a silver range rover pulled in the parking lock blasting future song honest ,

Bri- here go this jerk

April-that's another worker ?

Bri- no girl that's the damn manager Ryan ,

When Ryan got out the car April , looked at him he was tall look about 6,1 skin tone chocolate and he had dreads , April thought he was so cute , Ryan walked over pulling out his keys

Ryan-sorry I'm late y'all

Bri- your always late Ryan

Ryan-Mybad Bri ..

Bri-whatever Ryan just open the gate so we can work

Ryan-damn someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed ...

Before Bri could even say anything Ryan looked over at April and said hey beautiful you most be the new worker ,

Bri-yeah she is and she's not here for you so keep you ass away from her ,

Ryan -damn ma she can speak for her self .

April-yea Bri I can speak for myself

Bri-I'm just looking out for you April cause your my bestfriend , and he's a hoe he had sex with every girl in the hood , ! Just be careful that's all I'm saying ,

Ryan- it's like that tho Bri

Bri-yeah Ryan

Ryan-it's all good '

Bri-whatever !!

As the day went on Jordan got off and Bri lefted to , it was just Ryan and April still at the job , two hours past it was almost time to get off and it was raining really hard ,

Ryan-it's raining

April-I see

Ryan-you want a ride ?

April-no thanks the bus will do ,

Ryan-you sure


Ryan-don't listen to what your friends say , I'm a good guy

April-okay I really don't care

April really thought Ryan was cute and she had a crush on him but she didn't want him to know . She was playing hard to get ! Well it was time to close locking the gate Ryan asked April again did she want a ride , I'm okay I said I will take the bus ..

Ryan-okay fine see you tomorrow boo

Ryan stared to smirk , April rolled her eyes ,

The next day !!!!!

April was the first one outside the job waiting for everyone else to get there , then she seen Ryan pull up , today he didn't wear his work uniform , he had on some army fatigue shots , some Jordan's and a white beater on trying to show off his muscles damn he is so sexy , April was thinking to her self , Ryan walked over to open the gates he smelled so damn good ,

Ryan-good Morning beautiful

April wanted to kiss him and say good morning baby , but instead she played hard to get

April-wassup ,

Ryan-your friend Bri called out and Jordan is running late ,

In April head she wa happy but she said oh god it's gone be just us today ?

Ryan-yeah what you scared ?

Ryan start laughing with them deep dimples ,,

April-haha really funnie

Ryan-ard girl come clock in ....

After clocking in Ryan asked April did she eat ?

April- no not yet I didn't wanna be late

Ryan- what you gotta taste for boo

April-I'm not your boo... and I got money you don't have to buy me anything ,

Ryan- come on that's the less I can do .

April gave in and said okay I guess you can .

Ryan- what you want

April ordered a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel and a orange juice ?

Ryan-that's it ?

April-yea I don't eat much .

When the food came Ryan gave April the money to get it at the door ,


Ryan-your welcome sexy

After eating and working when the store was about to close , April went over to Ryan

April-why do you like me so much ?

Ryan-cause your pretty and your fly , don't think I'm a bad guy cause of what your friend say I mean I'm single and I'm young I can do what I want right ?

April-true ... But

Ryan-but what ?


Ryan-can I give you a ride home tonight ?

April was about to say no but she just gave in and said okay , ' after closing the store down they got in the car and Ryan put on a cd

Ryan-where you stay ?

April-45th and woodland ave ,

Ryan-what do you think about me ?

April-I hardly know you . But your cool I guess

Ryan-that's all ?

April-yeah what do you want me to say

Ryan-nothing ......

Ryan was quiet the rest of the ride , before April got out the car , Ryan grabbed her arm and said can I take you out one day ?

April-I'll think about it .

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