Nobody Wins


4. Rebecca's True Side

Joey's POV

"Alright, first things first. Can we see the letters!" I questioned.

"Yes, this way please." Principal Jackson guided us toward his office, but midway, Rebecca pulled me aside.

"Joey, can I talk to you real quick?" She looked a little tensed up, as if something was on her mind she was scared to admit.

"Yeah, sure. What is it?"

"You see, the last few days-" Domenik interrupted her sentence as he exclaimed, "Aye guys come on. This isn't the time to be all smoochy smoochy. Chop-chop!"

To my right, Rebecca snaked a blush as I chuckled to myself. I grabbed her hand and ran toward the group.


"And you have no clue who sent these?" I pondered, passing the papers on to Elizabeth.


I cast a glance her way. She held an unreadable expression. I guess I looked puzzled since she nodded her head up to the door.

"Be right back." Elizabeth raced out the door, me by her side.

"This can't just be a coincidence. Maybe someone found out about our plan and decided to do this to keep us sidetracked." Elizabeth kept going through her suggestions. I tried my best to agree, but I kept thinking about how similar this happened to be.

"El-Elizabeth... ELIZABETH!" I had to scream her name in order for her to pay attention to me.

"Huh? Oh. Sorry, what were you saying?"

"I wanted to say that this seems familiar. Right? I mean, the death threats, and how they are written the same way-"

"You're father and his group wrote them! Joey, you're a genius!" She then ran up to me and jumped into my arms, sending us both to the ground. We cracked up, but stayed in the same position. It turned out we were just staring each other in the eye, and just as I was about to lean in, Rebecca came out the office and saw what had happened. She made a gasping noise, running over toward us, yanking Elizabeth off me and, to both our astonishments, punched her in the face.

"What the hell was that for?" Shrieked Ellezabeth, clutching her reddened check.

"I was doing what was right. You were trying to kiss him." The sassiness in Rebecca's voice shocked me. She has never acted this way. Ever!

"Rebecca, is everything okay? Is your brother better from hi-"

"Don't speak of my brother!" Her sudden outburst startled Elizabeth and I.

"Rebecca, you know you can tell us anything, right?" Persuasion was clear in Ellii's voice. She was always the one person we'd count on to get information out of people. She was great at it.

"Shut it Ellii! I don't want to hear your rambling crap anymore. You always give us speeches about pointless shit and expect us to listen to it. No! You've had enough time pushing us around. From now on, I am the knew leader. Got it?"

"Excuse me? Do you even know the first steps to being leader? Do you know about the challenges you face? The hardships? The pain? The sorrow? No. No you don't. So don't even think you're the leader. Are we clear?"

I had to admit. Ellii sure gets pretty intimidating when she's mad. Like damn!

"We'll see. If I'm not leader, I have other places to go. Places that will actually accept me and want to worship me." The confidence in Rebecca's words scared both of us. She isn't the shy, quiet girl she used to be. Instead, it's as if she's been possessed by a demon or some sort.

"What do you mean by other places? Have you been double-crossing us? Telling people what we've been up to?" Ellii was fuming by this time. Literally, smoke escaped out her ears.

"Ellii, let it go. Rebecca, why are you doing this?" I calmly questioned, and happened to work for a second or two, before she caught on what I was doing, and soon had a disgusted look in her eyes.

"I can't believe you Joey. Out of all the things we've been through, you pick her side?" Rebecca batted her eyelashes, acting all flirty, but it didn't cut it.

"Tell me... Or I will force it out of you." My own harsh tone scared my inner self along with the two girls standing around me. 

"I-" a twisted grin secured itself onto Rebecca's face.

"You'll never got it out of her."

We spun toward the voice, landing perfect timing as a man a couple sizes bigger than me tried jumping Elizabeth. I yanked him by the neck if his shirt, sending him to a wall. One glance at Elizabeth, we ran for the office.

"Gu-guys we ha-have t-to leave!" She huffed.

"Come-" I stopped mid sentence, reason being everyone was tied up.

"Ya gotta be better than that, Joey. Remember what I taught you, never share information with the wrong person."

Horror, terror, disbelief, you name it. Every emotion that could possibly be corrupted in a situation like this were inside me threatening to pour out my system like a waterfall. I inhaled a gasp, Ellii seizing hold of my hand.

"Ahh, the lovebirds. Joey, have you told her?"

"Told me what?" Ellii demanded, face fuming with rage.

"Haha. Elizabeth, young Joey here-" I was quick to cut my father off, not allowing him to accomplish his sentence.

"Shut it! All you ever do is start problems!"

Collins yanked me forward, close enough to smell his rotted breath. "How dare you speak to me like that! Never! Ever! You understand?"

"No! I don't have to do anything you say. Are we clear?" I spat.

His expression was priceless. A mix of confusion, hateridge, but after a moment of silence, he regained his signature smirk. "Think you're so smart, don't you? Well, if you are the supposedly genius of the group, then how come you hadn't figured out Rebecca's secret? Huh?"

"Rebecca's secret? What are you talking about?" I growled.

"Speak of the devil. Here she is now. Rebecca, honey, won't you be a dear and tell Joey over here what this secret happens to be?" I swear my dad was getting a kick out of this.

"Haha, my pleasure. You see Joey, I never was that sweet, innocent child you guys always mistaken me for. I use to be, that is, until your father, Collins, found me. He taught me to be fearless, hide anything and everything from you, act like the clueless blonde you thought I was." Rebecca seemed so proud of her speech, that is, before I interrupted.

"I never thought you were a clueless blonde! I always knew you had-"

"I wasn't finished! Collins told me if I kept up that act and betrayed you all, I would be rewarded with a great honor."

"I can't believe you. You used us! You listened to all our plots an told him! How dare you! You lying little-"

"Enough!" Collins stopped Elli before she could finish her sentence. Luckily she was being held by guards, or else Rebecca would be in need of an ambulance, "Rebecca, now will you please tell them what you need, we are on a tight schedule."

"Yes master." Turning toward us, a wicked grin was plastered over her face. "This is my true side."

Rebecca retreated toward my father, waving a farewell, leaving us in shock. No! Anger. Oh, how angry we were. This whole time, she had been playing us, been lying, keeping secrets, two-timing us. Oh well. That's alright. Once we get free, first thing on the list of revenge is her. Rebecca Garcia.

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