No Goodbye

Nathan Tykes, just arrived at Avalon High . He wasn't a nerd when he first came in , he actually fit in with the "populars" . But he noticed one girl , Carmen Estrada who was just one grade below him . Did she notice him too ?


1. The New Kid

*-ring ring-*


I groggily got up and slammed the alarm.

Oh great, first day of school woo

I pounced out of bed causing my vision to go black for a bit. I stumbled around my room trying to get to the bathroom. After finally gaining my vision back I hopped into the shower. I yelped as the cold water interacted with my skin. I waited till the water turned into a suitable warmth. 

-after shower-

I walked into my "room" I guess you could say. I shared a room with my little brother Frances, but nonetheless it was considered mine. I opened the closet door and examined my clothes. 

nope , nope , nope , maybe.

I decided to go with a superman crewneck and some dark blue denim jeans. I didn't feel like impressing people because there was no one new there, so why bother? I slipped them on and stared at myself in the mirror. Well, at least I looked presentable. I grabbed a brush and started untangling the knots from my wavy hair. I grabbed some socks, slipped them on, and ran down stairs. As I approached the bottom the scent on waffles filled the air making my mouth water uncontrollably. I followed the luscious aroma into the kitchen as I happily spotted them on the table. I happily helped myself to a pile and glazed on some syrup. I grabbed the fork and started stuffing my mouth. As I was chewing, not very well mannered, I managed to choke out , "Good Morning Mom." She rolled her eyes yet replied back. After scarfing down the waffles, I checked the clock. My eyes widened as the bus was already here. I got my backpack, and ran to mum kissing her cheek and rushed out the door. As I got to the bus stop, the bus was already leaving. I sighed as I watched it depart its way to the same destination that I had to walk to.

What a great way to start the day

As I arrived at school heaving big breaths I caught up with my friends Justine and Avery. 

"Hey girl!", they happily pepped.

"Hey", I was still struggling to breathe.

They took a few steps back and uncovered the volleyball behind there backs and grinned widely.

Just what I needed.

After a few minutes passing it back and forth , in which we occasionally messed up, it started rolling to the basketball courts. I rushed over to it as my friend , Victor , who so thankfully happened to be there. He picked up the ball casually and held it while I looked at him questioningly. He leaned closer and talked just slightly above a whisper ," You know that guy over there? He said he thinks you're cute." I scoffed as he pointed to him and asked who he was. 

" He's the new kid, Nathan Tykes, he also seems real popular with the girls."

I rolled my eyes and snatched the ball as I sprinted back to my group.



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