Are We Over?

I'm Kennedy Angle Rite. I'm 19 years old and me and Niall are in love with each other. We've been dating for three years. But it's been becoming depressing, cause I'm always alone. And he's always out either with the boys a friend or tour. What should I do?


2. Yours Truly

Kennedy's POV....

I woke up and saw boxes everywhere. I sill got a lot to go. I burned the pictures of me and Niall and threw away everything he gave me. And now I'm just working on clothes and some of my furniture. It's been a month. And I'm feeling okay. I mean not the best but okay. Niall has gone to the hospital three times due to cutting and throwing up and people are saying I should forgive him, but am I gonna do it. HELL NO! I know your calling me stubborn but thanks to him I'm more meaner and strict also stubborn, which I've never been until now. But hey don't get mad at me get mad and it. (It= Niall). My phone buzzed while I was eating and I looked at it and it was from Heather Glades my manger.

From HG:

Come to the studio at 12. B ready for your next album.xx


I rolled my eyes and put my bowl in the sink

And ran upstairs looking in my boxes for something to wear. It was quite harder now cause almost all my stuff was in a box instead of just right there.

I finally found something and put this on.

I go down stairs and leave walking to Starbucks and getting a frappé. I then leave and head to the studio when I get in I'm greeted by people and they show me the studio and I head straight there. Soon as I get in I turn around and see.... Guess who? One fucking direction. I roll my eyes and I whispered to Heather.

"Why are they here?"

She says.

"All the booths where taken up. Plus I asked them for help."

I groan and put my purse down and Heather says,

"So, now that Kennedy arrived lets get started shall we? Anyways Kennedy do you have."

I pull out my Journal and Liam grabs it.


I shout and he looks threw it and I I try to get it and he says,

"You have great songs love. Like Unconditionally and Legendary Lovers."

I blush and say,

"Thanks but give it back! It has my privet stuff."

I finally snatched outta his hands and he laughs.

"Well what's your album gonna be called?"

"I think Your Truly."

And the agreed and Niall just stared out the window sniffing his noise.

"Go into the booth lets hear."

Zayn says. I got inside and start with,

(1) All In My Head (by:Tori Kelly)

(2) Dear No One (by: Tori Kelly)

(3) Honeymoon Avenue (by: Ariana Grande)

(4) Thunder (by: Jessie J)

(5) Blind (by: Kesha)

(6) Last Good-Bye (by: Kesha)

(7) My Kind Of Love (by: Emile Sande)

(8) Day Dreamin' (by: Ariana Grande)

(9) Lightweight (by: Demi Lovato)

(10) Heart Attack (by: Demi Lovato)

(11) Something That We're Not (by: Demi Lovato)

(12) Last Call (by: The Saturdays)

(13) Dark Horse (By: Katy Perry)

(14) Legendary Lovers (by: Katy Perry)

(15) Only Wanna Dance With You (by: Kesha)

(16) Better Left Unsaid (by: Ariana Grande)

(17) Good Enough (by: Little Mix)

(18) Paper Hearts (By: Tori Kelly)

(19) Come & Get It (by: Tori Kelly)

(Her Voice Is Like Tori Kelly and Perrie Edwards mixed)

I got finished and everyone clapped and Niall left and I went back inside and Louis said,

"That's gonna be number one. That was amazing."

I blushed and Zayn said,

"I'll get him."

I went to Heather and she said,

"Your album will be out in a week cause of how good it is. And how enjoyable it will be"

I smiled widely and just started talking with Louis and Liam and Heather and Harry.


Niall's POV....

Her voice was gorges. I knew some of those songs where about me or our break up. And her singing brought back memories or when we used to sing to each other while having dinner in the meadow making flower crowns. But those days are over. I ran out cause the tears started to fall.

"Niall! Niall! Niall stop."

And I saw Zayn.

"Go away!"

I yell.

"No. I'm your best mate. I'm not leaving... Sorry...let me just catch my breath. Phew!...anyways I know it's hard but you have to get over it or do something that doesn't involve killing yourself or self harm. You can't keep doing this Niall it's hurting you to death literally. It is! And self harm isn't gonna get you anywhere but dead."

And he was right. I hugged him and he said,

"Let's take a walk and clear your mind."

And we did and all I could think of was Her. I needed her back and fast. Before someone else takes her away. And Zayn was totally right if I needed to get her back then self harm wasn't the answer.


Kennedy's POV....

I was walking to the house humming when I saw Niall on the door step. With his hair all messy and eyes puffy.

"Please leave."

I say. Opening the door.

"But it's my house."

"Well how about you let me get my fucking things out so you could have your fucking house. Since you wanna have an attitude. That's why I dumped your ass."

I was about to shut the door when he put his foot between it.

"Look I need to talk to you...."

"Well I don want to talk to you."

Then his voice started to crack.

"P-please Kennedy."

And that's when my tear where gonna fall.

"Niall just please go. I'll be out of your house soon as you know it."

"But I don't want you to go."

And I shut the door falling to my knees and crying my eyes out. Do I really still love him? Or do I just feel bad? I need to move on. I can't do this over and over again or I'll get hurt.

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