What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


8. What just happened?

(A/N) Okay so I just noticed that the name of the last chapter does not make since with that chapter and that is because.. well, it was suppose to be for this chapter! Haha stupid mistake! Anyways I hope you all are enjoying it!


Taylors POV

I was in total shock! Why would he do this!? "Niall fucking James Horan! What the hell are you doing!?" He just stood there looking at me. I could feel the tears coming now. "I-Uh-uhm.." He went on but I interrupted him. "Save it Niall." I ran off outside without warning. I just ran and right outside was a bus stop bench and that is were I sat. "Taylor?" I heard a voice say. I turned aound to look at Zayn. "Hey Zayn." I said. "Oh, babe what's wrong?" Zayn asked me. "A little short irish bastard happened." I answered him. He chuckled at the comment. "Why are you out here Zayn?" I asked. He showed me his hand which held a cigarette. I nodded. I did not like him smoking but he was getting better. Three a week. "Do you want to talk about it?" Zayn asks. I nod. "What happened babe?"


Zayn's POV

I asked her what happened and she started to talk but very slowly. "Niall, well, he said that he was going to the bathroom and I was dancing with Klarity, It had been a while and she told me to look for him and so I did. I found him making out with a slutty beach blonde." She said. "Oh, well he is a jerk. I think he might be too drunk." I said  "Well that is no excuse Zayn." She told me and I agreed. I hugged her and comforted her. "Zayn?" She said. "Mhm?" I answered her. "I want to go home. Where my mum is. I wanna stay there for a while. I just want to get away from Niall for a while." She said. "That is fine do you want me to tell them and bring your bag from Hazza's flat?" I asked her. "That would be excellent Zayn. Thank you." She said and I nodded. A bus came and she went in. I waved but she just gave me a weak smile which I accepted. I went back inside the club. "Where did Taylor go?" Klarity asked me. I told her that she left and she gave me a questioning look at first and then nodded.


Klarity's Pov

When Zayn told me that Taylor had left, I had a feeling Niall did something. He probably messed up. He broke my best friend's heart! I went straight to tell Harry my perspective. "Harry, Zayn told me Taylor went home. I think Niall did something." I told him. He started looking for Niall. He looked shocked. I looked in his direction and did the same thing. "Oh, that bitch is with that dirty slut!" I said. Harry got up. I got a little scared and he told me to come with him. "Niall!" I screamed. "Wha- uhm.I-" Niall tried. "She is gone because of you! What is your problem!?" I started crying just by the thought of my friend upset because of this bastard. "You are a douche!" Harry said. I just stared at him in the eyes. He was crying now. He deserves worse. "Harry, I am going to call her." He nodded and I ran to the bathroom. I dialed her number and about three rings and she picked up. "Taylor I know what happened! Are you okay babe?" I asked her. "No ,I just can not believe he did that!" She said. "It's okay, are you at your house?" I asked. "Mhm." She said just below a whisper. "I am coming right now and then I ended the call. I walked out of the hallway and saw Harry sitting on the ground crying and Zayn and Harry talking to each other.  Louis comes up to us. "Hey guys I am going to leave. Uhm, what is wrong with Niall?" He askes. "I will tell you later but could you take him home?" Harry asked. He nodded and tried to get Niall to stand up. He succeeded and  walked out of the club and drove off. "Guys us three are going to Taylor's house." I said and they all agreed. "Let's tell Liam though." Zayn said. I walked over to our table where Liam was talking to a girl. "Hey!" I said. They both waved and smiled. She was pretty. "Hey Liam, Niall did something to Taylor and Louis took Niall home and Me, Harry, and Zayn are going to Taylor's house." I said. "Okay and by the way this is Eri." He said. "Hello Eri!" I said as I stook my hand out. She shook it. "Hello and you are Harry's girlfriend, Klarity right? She asked. "Yes!" I answered. "Well hello! Haha!" I laughed. She seemed really nice. "Well I or we have to go bye Liam!" I gave hem a kiss on he cheek and I hugged Eri. They both said bye and me Zayn and Harry got inside Harry's car and drove off. "Who was that girl you hugged?" Harry asked me. "Liam found her. Her name is Eri. She seems really nice!" I said. and They both nodded.


Harry's POV

We arrived at Taylor's house. We walked up to the door and Klarity opened the door with a key. "Hello!" She said talking to Taylor's mum. After we all said hi, we ran into Taylor's room. She was laying on her bed. "Tayllloooorrrr!" Klarity spoke. "Hey, Klarity. Who is all here?" Taylor asked sadly looking at the wall still. "Zayn, me and Harry." Klarity said with her sweet soft voice. Taylor turned around looking at us. She looked so said. Zayn went and sat on the edge of her bed. I did too. Klarity say right next to her. "Do you want anything Taylor?" I asked her. "Food." She mumbled as her head was turned towards her pillow. I chuckled and went downstairs. Klarity went with me. "Here is the cabinets where the food is." She pointed out. "What is her favorite food?" I asked. "Anything." She answered as she giggled. she ran upstairs and I made 4 sandwhiches. I walked up the stairs with the plate of sandwhiches and set them on her bed when I entered the room. She took one and she ate it fast! "Wow, you were hungry!" I said. "I told you!" She giggled. after that she immedeatly fell asleep. I grabbed a sandwhich  and ate it too. "Man I make a mean sandwhich!" I said and I heard Zayn laugh as he took one too. Once he took a bite he agreed. "I think it is just because we are all starving!" Klarity said. She giggled and took a huge bite out of one. After eating we all fell asleep. me and Zayn were on the floor and Klarity slept on the bed with Taylor.


Liam's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing and I picked it up and answered. I did not look at the caller ID though but I recognized the voice. "Hey, all of us except for Niall are going out to have breakfast, want to come?" Klarity asked me. "Sure but can I invite Eri? You know the girl from last night?" I asked. "Oh, of course! She was so sweet!"  She said. I was happy she liked her! "Okay I will call her but where are we going? " I asked a little curious. "Oh, yeah! Haha we are going to I Hop!" She said excitedly. "Okay cool I will see you there!" I said and ended the call.


Eri's POV (Ooooh! The new girl!)

I was brushing my teeth when my phone started ringing. I saw that it was Liam and I answered it ASAP! I thought he would forget about me. "Hey it's Liam, do you want to have breakfast with me and my pals this morning?" He asked me. "Sure!"  I said maybe a little too excitedly. "Okay, I will pick you up in about 10 minutes!" He said and he hung up. I screamed so loud! "OMG OMG OMG OMG I am going to eat breakfast with THEM!" I shouted. I tried to get all of your fangirling out of you before Liam knocks on you door.  I yelled so much as I was getting ready and soon enough I heard a knock on the door. I looked out the window and saw Liam. I froze. I then shook all of my thought out of my head and grabbed my purse and walked in to the front door. I opened it. "Hey Eri!" Liam said. I loved it when he said my name. "Hey Liam!" I said giving him a hug. He hugged me up and walked me towards his car.

Once we got to the restraunt, Liam opened the car door for me. "Thank you Leeeyuuumm!" I said childishly. I giggled and walked towards the front door and opened it for him. "Thank you Errriiiiii!" He said back. I started laughing really hard and he did too.  We walked in the restraunt  and I saw the boys and Klarity and I also saw Niall's girlfriend Taylor, but where was Niall? "Hey Eri!" Klarity said. "Hello Klarity!" I said and she got up to hug me. "Eri, this is Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Taylor." Liam said to me. I hugged them all and sat down next to Klarity and Taylor. "So how was the ride with Liam?" Klarity asked with a devilish smirk. "OMG Klarity! You have a dirty mind!" I said and they just laughed. I felt my cheeks burn up. "But seriously what were you thinking?" Taylor said. "Well when he called me I was like, OMG he just called me! and when I was in his car I was like, I  AM   IN HIS   CAR! Yeah, I am a fan of Liam Payne." I said. "That was me when I met Harry!" Klarity said. "I was and still am a fan of the X-Factor, I mean it is kinda my life! And so anyways, I was skyping Taylor when the first episode started. I ended thy Skype and watch and I saw him go 'Hello I am Harry Styles' and stuff and I heared him sing and I was just amazed!" Klarity added. I saw Harry stare at her and I could not help it. I started laughing really loudly. "What is so funny?" Taylor said a little bit confused. "H-H-Harry!" I said through laughs. They looked at him and caught him staring at Klarity. "Did he hear what I said?" She said a little bit embarrassed. I just nodded and finally got breath again. When I looked up her cheeks were bright red. "Aww Klarity, I know I am special!" Harry says. She gives him a funny look and I giggle.

As we were eating, they told us that they were leaving for there tour tonight. I looked at Liam and he gave me a sympathetic look. I gave one back and continued eating.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 Hours later!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Taylor's POV

I was with Eri and Klarity shopping when One Direction came on.

Maybe it's the way she walked,OW!

Straight into my heart and stole it!

Through the doors and past the gaurds OW!

Just like she already owned it!

I said can you give it  back to me, she said never in your wildest dreams!

And we danced all night to the best song ever!

We know every line now I caint remember

How it goes but I know that I won't forget her

Cause we danced all night to the best song ever!

Think it goes oh oh oh

thinks it goes yeah yeah yeah

think it goeeeessss. .......

(I am not writing the full song :p sorry)

We sang along and it reminded me of Niall. I wanted to forgive him but I did not know if I could. They are leaving in one hour so I have to make up my mind. "Taylor, is everything okay?" Eri asks me. "Yeah I am just thinking..." I said. "Well don't think just do!" She tells me. Maybe she is right. Maybe I should give Niall a second chance. I think I might......


(A/N) What do you thin should happen? Should she stay with Niall or no? Leave your thought in the comments! Okay sorry if this chapter sucks but I am running out of things to do so if you want a character tell me and that could help me! <3 Love ya and BTW I need a nickname to call you so you should give me ideas for that too! :p Byeeee!


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