What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


3. What a night!

You wake up. You look to your side. All you see is a sort of blurry unfamiliar room. Then your memory comes back. Since the day you first met to last night when you told him you loved him. You did not want to wake Harry up so you gently lifted the covers and walked outside the bedroom into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and hair but the only thing you didn't have was clothes, and last night you had to borrow some of Liam's and Harry's. You felt bad for doing that in the first place so you did not want to have to ask them again. As you walk back into the room still in your borrowed pjs, you walk towards Harry determined you were going to wake him up. You had heard that he is not a morning person. " Harry, good morning!" you said cheerfully " Eh, it is early! Why are you waking me up?" " Because I want to go to a restraunt to have breakfast and I want you to come!" Harry finally opens his eyes to look at you. He seems confused. " Is there something wrong Harry?" " No, I was just confused for a moment." He answers as he starts to get up gets settled. " So what do you think about breakfast?" Harry smirks. " The only thing I think is that I am paying for it." You just roll your eyes and walk away. You go to the living room that is filled with 4 boys and one girl. You start to recognize them. " Hey (y/n)! Good morning!" Liam said lazily. " Good morning to you too Liam!" " So what is the plan?" Niall adds. " Well me and Harry have decided we are going to get breakfast if anyone wants to join!" You say excitedly. Louis and Liam just smile at you and you start to blush. " What?" You ask shyly. " Oh nothing, just you and Harry." Louis says with sass in his voice. You ignore his comment and talk to your friend. " Well, (y/f/n) did you sleep good?" " Yeah, perfect! What about you?" Your friend says with a smirk also. " Okay, am I missing something? What is your problem?"  "We told you! You and Harry!" Liam says. " What about us?" You question. " You guys should get together!" Zayn explains. " Now you Zayn!?" " Ugh leave me alone!" You say a little sarcastically. Harry walks in the room and everyone starts laughing. "Harry they are going crazy." He gives you a weird look and you start laughing too. " That look Harry!" " That is hilarious!" You say whenever you got the breath. " What is going on with you guys today?" Harry asks. " You and (y/n)."  Harry smiles and looks at you. You try to change the subject by talking to your friend. " Hey (y/f/n), do you have any shorts or pants I could borrow?" you ask. " Actually yes. I have pants!" she says excitedly. " Oh yay! I will wear a jacket with those and that will be an outfit for now!" " Ugh, girly stuff!" Louis comments. " Well then get out of the room Louis." your friend adds.  You and your friend go in the bedroom to change. You put on a little makeup from your purse and head in living room where the boys are. You walk in and everyone goes silent. " You guys are up to something" You say mysteriously. Niall stat laughing at the way you said that. " Oh, shut up Niall." You tell him teasingly. "Where is (y/f/n)?" Niall asks. " She is still changing. She should be down any second." Next thing you know all of you, including your friend are at a Dinney's  eating food. "I feel like we were at Liam's flat only like 2 seconds ago. That is so weird." You say. " Well sometimes when you are thinking about something, time flies." Harry added. " So what were you thinking about then?" Louis says with a grin. " Uhm, I am not sure actually." You say trying to get someone to change the subject. You knew who you were thinking about. Harry. " So what is the plan for today?" Niall cheers. " I have no idea." You say with a little giggle. " We could go to the mall! Ooh or maybe go to the fair!" Liam almost screamed. Everyone laughs at how excited Liam is. "Seems like we will be going to the fair." Louis said. After everyone packed up and finished eating, you guys got in cars to head over to the fair. You were with Harry, your friend was with Niall, and the rest were with Liam. " What were you thinking about earlier?" Harry asked. " Do you really want to know?" You said. " Yess!" Harry said. " I was thinking about you, Harry." As you said this you gave him a smile. He gave you a smile back. " I know, I am special." Harry replied giving you a wink. You both just laughed at his comment. You start to see the fair as you drove into a parking lot. After you parked, you met up with the others and started walking towards the fair. " How was the ride guys?" You said wanting to see what happened with your friend and Niall. She started blushing. " Ooohh, what is going on over here (y/f/n)?" You ask sarcastically. " Nothing" she replies. " What about you and Harry?" She asks jokingly. "Nothing." You say with a grin. You hear the rest of the boys laughing except for Niall and Harry. They were just talking to each other. You guys walk up to the fair to get tickets and then you enter. All of you end up going your separate ways. You and Harry were still together. Zayn was with Liam and Louis, and Niall was with your friend. You thought they were cute together. " What were you and Niall talking about?" You ask Harry. " Niall is thinking about asking her to be his girlfriend. He does not know when though." Harry answered. " Oh, I am so excited for them! The sky started to get darker as you and Harry were on the farris wheel. " The sky looks beautiful from up here!" Harry said. " I agree. It is beautiful. This view of everything is beautiful." You added. "Wanna play a game?" Harry asks. " Sure!" You say. " Ok the rules are to find one of the the boys or (y/f/n)." Harry explains. " Okay, lets play!" You say excitedly. You start looking around the fair. It was easier since you were in the air. " Oh I see (y/f/n) and Niall!" you say. " What are they doing?" Harry asks. " Looks like they are kissing." You both laugh. " Hey Niall!" Harry screams out. Niall looks up at his way. You are dying laughing while Harry gives Niall the thumbs up. You both laugh hard intill you stop right at the top. It was really dark right now but you could still see. The was an announcement saying that the fireworks were about to start any second now. You were really excited, and Harry laughed at you cause of you being excited. As the fireworks started, your eyes widened at all the different colors.  "(y/n)." harry says. "Yes Harry?" You answer back. " Do you want to be my girlfriend?"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(A/N)  Hey guys hope you enjoyed this chapter! Sorry for the mistakes! Ch. 4 will be up soon! <3  and p.s. My real name is Dakota! Haha bye!

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