What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


2. They are here!

  You listen to what they talk about while vacuuming intil you here Harry's name. You pause your what you were doing and listened to what they were saying. " Oh geez, did you here that boy Harry Styles sing, he was amazing!" You smirk to yourself when you hear that just because of how amazed you where when you heard him sing last night. After finishing the job, you got dressed  and curled your luscious  dirty blonde hair and you slightly put some make up on, just enough to make your beautiful blue eyes pop and your dark circles to go away. " Hey (y/n), I am outside your house, you ready?" "Yes, of course!" You run outside and jump into the open door of the silver van and you drove off listening to music on the radio. " What did you think of the show last night, (y/n)?" You suddenly snap out of your thoughts and quickly answered her. " I was amazed by that one boy, Harry Styles! He is so cute and has such a lovely voice!" You hear your friend giggle and you face her. " Whatever,  you wanted my opinion!" You say in a silly way. You arrive to a packed mall with teenage girls screaming everywhere. " what is going on!?" " Uhm, a celebrity I guess?"  Your friend says as she reads the signs. "who is the celebrity?" you ask as your friend motions you to a sign that says 'Harry Styles, I love you'. "O M G it, is he-" " I believe so, oh wait look, I see him!" " You start to feel butterflies as you see him smile at you. His bright green eyes and big cute dimples surprise you and you almost faint but then your friend snaps you out of your trance. " Did you see that (y/f/n)! He smiled at me!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A couple of months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 You still remember the day he smiled at you. It was stuck in the back of your head. You are excited to see them in concert in a couple of days. They are going to come to your hometown and sing a couple of songs and take pictures. You text your friend about what to wear and what she thinks might happen. ' Do you think Harry will remember smiling at me?' ' probably not, just because he is really famous now and probably sees too many girls to remember you' 'Well thanks for the info' You write to her via text with a annoyed look on your face. ' What should we wear (y/f/n)?' ' Uhm  lets wear casual but cute outfits. Like what you wore for that presentation you did when we were in school a month ago.' 'Okay, thanks, I got to get going' You quickly send as you hear your mom say the you need to get ready. You wonder were you will be going. "Remember that mall where you saw that X-Factor boy, and you know he was put in a group called 'One Direction'?" "Uh, yeah of course I do." " Well, they are doing a signing thing today at 2 and I want to be there early, so get your butt up and get dressed." "Wait, uhm WHAT?!" You sound really surprised as your mom looks confused and remembers something. "Oh, god, I forgot to tell you, me and your friend made a surprise for you since on your last report card you got straight A's!" Okay, so you 'forgot' to tell me!?" "Mhm, now get ready!" You did so but still felt in shock as you did your makeup and hair. You hurry to the car and end up seeing your friend and mom already in the car. " Since when did you get in here, (y/f/n)?" "A couple of minutes ago while you were changing." You process her sentence then you enjoy the ride while driving up to the mall. You see a HUGE line of screaming girls. You nervously exit the car and you and your friend walk to the end of the line. You meet new cool directioners  and you guys get along really well. You guys talk about our favorite members and facts about One Direction. "Agh!" " We are almost to the beginning of the line!" You say as you give your friend weird looks of excitement. "What are you going to say to Harry?" "Uh, I am not sure. What about to to Niall?" "Like, hi, I am in love with you or something like that." "Fancy." You say sarcastically as you move up in line. You get up to the bodyguard behind a red rope. Minutes later you get up to your first member, Niall. "Hey Niall I am lie totally in LOVE with you!" You hear your friend say as you are in shock that you are even here. "Thanks babe, love you too." You try to process to understand what he just said put time was going to fast for you. Next was Zayn. " Hello babe, how are you doing!" "I am absolutely fabulous. What about you, Zayn?" " I am wonderful, and glad you are happy." " Your heart skips a beat as he answers your question. Next up was Liam. " Hello, Liam!" you hear your friend say. "Hey, how are you?"  " We are wonderful!" You say as you look in his eyes. He just winks at you as you move up to Louis. " Well hello there beautiful!" "Hello there Louis!" you say as your friend is too much in shock by his sentence. " Haha, bye babe!" He says as you walk up to him. harry. You were frozen as you were staring straight at him. "Hey there lovely!" H-Hey,Harry." You try to push out of your mouth. Harry looks up to you from the picture with a shocked look in his face. " You are that girl I saw a couple months ago her!" " Oh! You remember!" " Of course! I smiled at you and you just stood there intill your friend talked to you!" "Haha yeah." You try to hide your embarrassment but your bright red cheeks did not help. Harry writes something else down on the paper that looks like a number and the he whispers something to one of the guards. The guard  nods and then takes you to a red room that smelled like really pricey cologne. A few minutes that seemed like hours went by and you got surprised by five cute boys that ran in screaming in that red room. " Hey girls, we wanted to say HIII!" " Well hello!" you said with excitement in your eyes. " I am (y/f/n)"  Your friend said. "Yeah, and I am (y/n)" "Beautiful name!" Harry said with a wink. You blush as you try words to come out of your mouth. "Th-Thank you." "Your friend starts  conversation as you and Harry stare into each others eyes not listening to the what is going on. "Oooh! Harry has a crush!" Louis yells at the top of his lungs. You and the others are dying laughing while harry chases Louis around ready to pounce. Harry trips and falls on top of you as you were surprised by what just happened. You giggle as you help him up. "Thanks, babe." He says as you smile at him. Your friend just looks at you with those eyes of hers. It looked like she was trying to say 'Harry loves you!'. But you just blushed at her humor. "Let's go get food!" Niall says as him and Liam walk in the other room. You and your friend follow them as the rest of the boys follow you. You all agree on a Nando's and you get settled in at your table.  You are in the middle of Harry and your friend and next to your friend is Niall and Liam after that is Zayn and Louis. Louis was across from Harry. Harry and Louis were mouthing stuff to each other. You could not catch what they were saying but that did not worry you. After you all ordered You all started talking about stuff you liked and disliked. "I love Toy Story!" Liam said. "Oh, me too!" You said excitedly. "We have to watch it sometime together! Maybe tonight at mine?" You saw Harrys grin slowly move to a frown. " How about we all watch it! Like a family movie night!" Liam added. " Oooh I am in!" You said. Everyone else agreed and then your food came. "Wow (y/n), you have an appetite!" Niall said. "Well, I do love my food!" You added in as you took a huge bite of your food. " After all your silly conversations were over, and the food was eaten you and your friend decided to call your moms before you headed of to Liam's flat. 'Hey mom, I am going to hang at Liam Payne's house for a while. I am not sure when I will come home but I m sure I will be safe. Call when you can! Love you!" You and your friend walked back to the cars and saw all the boys standing in a circle talking. You saw Niall's face light up when he saw your friend. You gave her a thumbs up and when she saw you she started to blush. HARD! But you just laughed it off. " Welcome back." Harry said while giving you a smile. "So  who is going with who? We have three cars, Harry's, Liam's, and Niall's." Louis said. " How about (y/f/n) and Niall go together me and (y/n) and the rest of you boys go together?" Harry said you saw your friend blushing and then she gave you a signal to check your face. You were blushing a bright red and you decided to cover up. You said you needed to go to the bathroom before you went and your friend came with you. " Haha! You were blushing so hard!" "Well you were too!" You said. "I was!" Your friend said with embarrassment. You just laughed at her while she checked herself in the mirror. You guys got ready and walked of to the cars. " Okay. let's go!" Zayn said with a smirk. Harry opened the passenger side car door open for you as you said thank you and got comfy. "  Want to listen to music?" Harry said looking deep in your eyes. " Sure!" you said with a cheeky grin. That made harry smile. He turned on the radio and all of a sudden 'That's What Makes You Beautiful' comes on. You look at harry with a excited grin. " Omg it's you!" You turn up the volume on Harry's solo ad turn down the car window. You were singing along loudly hoping to embarrass him. It worked. He droped a little lower in his seat as you sung. Your friend noticed and did the same thing. " Hah! That was hilarious!" You told Harry. " No! That was embarrassing!" He said in a cheeky grin. That made you want to smile and kiss him. You finally made it to Liam's flat. " Welcome to my flat girls." Liam said with enthusiasm. You giggled and found a place to sit. You ad your friend were talking about what happened when you were embarrassing Harry. Niall walks by and sits next to your friend. " Hey girls, what are you talkin' about?" " We are talking about embarrassing Harry." Harry overheard and looked at you and yelled, " Hey that was not funny!" He started laughing really hard and so did everyone else. You watched Toy Story as you sat next to Harry. he suddenly put his arm around your body. You looked at him and gave him a smile. Nobody noticed.  You looked at your friend who was snuggling with Niall. You smiled at them and went back to watching the movie. after the movie you and Liam started discussing your favorite parts. " You know, I have a woody outfit." Liam said. " Really!? You have to wear it for me!" He agreed and you started getting tired. " So who is sleeping where?" Louis  shouted out of nowhere. Probably noticing you yawning. " I have 3  rooms." Liam added. " I think me and Niall will share a room." Your friend said. You grined and gave her a wink. She noticed and stuck out her tongue. " I will share with Liam." Louis said smiling at Harry. Harry just looked at the ground. " I guess that means it is just you and me Harry." He looked at you and smiled. " Okay." You guys just started chatting intil everyone fell asleep. " Well I am going to go to bed." You said. " Right back at ya." Harry added while getting up and helping you up. You guys got changed and got in bed. "(Y/n)" You loved the way he said your name. "Yes, Harry?" " Can I tell you something (y/n)?" " Ofe course Harry, anything!" " Well, uhm, I think I am in love with, you." It took you a while to understand. " Well, Harry, your in luck cuz I feel the same about you."


 Haha! Sorry to leave you hanging here but I had to! I do not think it will take me that long to publish ch.3! Hope you enjoy!

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