What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


19. The baby.

Perrie's POV

Last night, me, Zayn and Erin went hoe to sleep while El, Louis and Liam stayed at the hospital. In about an hour we are going back to see the baby. "Is Erin awake yet?" Zayn asks me. "She is in the bathroom." I answer him while cooking breakfast. He walks to the living room and turns on the TV. "Two members of 1D ENGAGED!?" It says. I drop everything and run towards the living room. "Yesterday at Sunset Beach (fake name lol) a group of family members and the whole 1D family hang out while congratulating and Liam and Erin on being engaged." It continued. "Oh my." I hear a voice say behind me. I turn around to see Erin looking annoyed and frustrated. " It is okay, they were going to know sometime. I say trying to cheer her up. "Yeah but what if Liam gets mad at me an-" Erin starts but I cut her off. "He won't he will understand. Trust me." I say hugging her. She nods her head and we put our focus back on the TV. "Now two members are taken! Also incoming news that Klarity, Harry's girlfriend just had a baby. We do not know the gender yet but the baby was born at Newport Hospital (another fake name) four hours after the proposal." It says. "How do they get information so fast?" Zayn says. "I have no idea." Erin answers. I run to the kitchen remembering that I was cooking food and I call Harry.

* The Call* (H for harry and P for perrie)

"Harry did you see the news!?" P

"Yeah, is Erin okay?" H

"Yes but she is frustrated." P

"I understand."  H

"How is Klarity?" P

"She is actually okay, I mean people were going to know anyway." H

"Yeah. Well we will be there in about an hour or so." P

I then hang up and finish cooking breakfast. "Who did you call?" zany asks. "I called Harry to make sure everything is okay." I say handing him a plate full of food. "How is everything?" Erin asks. "Everyone is okay. Klarity isn't really that much upset." I say. She nods and walks towards the table where Zayn is sitting. I make y plate and go sit over by them. " Some people are so nosey." I say. " Yeah. I sometimes wish I wasn't famous just so I can hang out with people normally." Zayn replies.

We finish our food and started packing in the car to get to the hospital. It is not that long. Only about a 10 minute drive. Once we arrive we try to sneak our way through the back doors. We successfully made it and ran into the room that everyone else was in last night. I slowly open the door to see Louis, Liam, El, and Harry surrounding the bed. I am guessing Klarity is holding the baby. "Hey guys!" Erin speaks. "Oh hey! Come in and see the baby!" Liam greets us. We step in and move closer to the bed Klarity was in. "Hey Klar, how are you doing?" I ask. "Great. Wanna hold my baby girl?" She asks. I nod and gently cradle her in y arms. She is so warm and soft and has beautiful eyes. "She is gorgeous." Zayn says from behind me. I nod and pass her to Zayn. "So wwhat is the name?" Erin asks. "Everyone meet Darcy Cee Styles." Klarity says. "The name fits her." Liam says. Zayn passes Darcy to Erin. Liam steps behind Erin and kisses her cheek. They are so cute!  Darcy gets passed to Harry and he stares at her for a while before speaking. "It is hard to believe she is mine, ours." He says. " Yeah. We have a family now. We will be a cute little family." Klarity adds. They will be a cute family. They will.....



Hey guysss! sorry this was a short chappie, but There was not too much to do because I do not want to give away what happens next! So what are your thoughts? -Dakota



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