What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


15. Our small family.

Harry's POV

I wake up to the sound of water running. I see a blurry figure, what looks like a woman, brushing her teeth. My eyes adjust and I see Klarity in the bathroom turning off the water and wipeing her face. "Good morning." I say. "Morning, babe!" She says. "Get up and get dressed. We are going to Disney today!" She says and I realize that she is correct. I get up and walk to my suitcase and pick out a T-Shirt and some pants with some sneakers. I decide on not taking a shower and I brush my teeth. I look through the mirror to see how I looks and I shake my hair a little bit and go back into the bedroom. Klarity is already dressed when I walk. out. "Want some coffee?" She asks taking a sip of hers. I nod and walk over to a corner. I grab a pair of Micky ears and place them on her head. She giggles and hands me the coffee once it is done. "When are we meeting the others?" I ask "In a couple minutes we are meeting them for breakfast and then we will be heading to Disneyland!" She says with enthusiasm. I smile at her giving a peck on her nose and putting my cup on a table and grab my wallet and phone. "Let's go!" I say and she walks out of the door with me hand in hand. We walk towards the Lobby and into the kitchen. I smell pancakes and bacon being cooked. "Good morning everybody!" Klarity says. They say hello back and we sit down and order our food. "So what are we doing first when we get there?" Niall asks. "Let's get a map so it will be easier to find places." Perrie suggests. I nod with everyone else and then our food comes. "Here is your breakfast!" The waitress says putting our food down in front of us. It smells delicious. "Thank you." I asy and she leaves. "Mmmm." Louis mumbles with his mouth full of food. We eat and head towards the large van. There are a couple of fans but not too many. We arrive at Disneyland and all of us freak out. when we park. me and Louis jump out and just scream. I was so excited.

Eleanour's POV

I laugh at Harry and Louis being so excited. They are both weird. I get out of the van and grab Louis' hand. After everyone is out we all walk to a trolly and get on. No one is on but us so that we don't get mobbed. Once we get inside Disneyland we all run around screaming and jumping. "I found a map!" Liam shouts at us trying to be heard over all of us making so much noise. He succeeded. he waves the map in the air intill he got our attention. "What do we want to do first?" Erin asks. " How about the Splash Mountain ride then the Haunted Mansion, and Then Indiana Jones?" Niall asks. We all agree and head over to what they 'The Frontier'. We get on the ride called Splash Mountain and we all get so excited. It starts out slow and happy, and then there is like a weird part were mommy's are warning their children to stay away from this fox animal and then we go down a BIG HUGE hill with a waterfall! it was so much fun! Then we rode the other two rides which was fun too. "I am hungry." Niall says. I roll my eyes. "You are always hungry Niall. "I am hungry too, where do you guys want to eat?" Zayn says. "Well there is this little restraunt like a couple minutes away." Perrie says looking at the map with Liam. "Then lets go there, lead the way Perrie!" Louis says. She takes the map from Liam and we start following her. We reach the restraunt and order our food inside. we sit down at a booth and start chatting. Once our food get here we all shut up and eat. I never knew how hungry I was intill now. We all finsish our food and make plans and then start to ride ore rides.

Perrie's POV

It starts to get dark and we head over to the castle to get a good spot for the firework show. Today was a fun day. There weren't many people that mobbed us but there were a few times where we were stuck. "Here is a good spot!" Zayn says interrupting my thoughts. We all sit down and chat intill the show starts. All of the fireworks start and they dance to songs and storys while all of us sit in awe. It was so cool! It was also beautiful. The show ended and now there was only like two ours left for Adventure Land across from Disneyland. We quickly rush over there trying not to be noticed and enter through a small gate. We walk of to the ride 'Tower of Terror' and get into the short fast pass line. Soon we are on the ride screaming and laughing and having fun. Once we get off the ride, we go and get some ice cream before we leave. "Today was so much fun! I wish I could live here." Klarity says. "yeah that would be cool." Erin says nodding. I smile at the thought and finish m sundae. "Here let me throw the trash away." O say and take everyones napkins and bowls and spoons. I walk over to the trash can and dump everything in there and start heading back to our table. A cute little girl stands n front of me with a sharpie so I lean in and talk to her. "Hello, what's your name?" I ask her. "Danielle." She says looking at the ground smiling. "Now what would you like?" I ask. "Could I have an autograph please?" Danelle asks me innocently. She is so cute. "Of course!" I said and she hands me a picture and I sign it and give it back to her. She then hugs me. I hug back and then she leaves with her parents. I walk back to our table and sit back down. "That was so cute Per" Erin says. "Why thank you," I say and everyone starts to get up since the gates are about to close. We walk out of the park ad into the trolly to take us back to our car. Once we get to our parking lot, we all get out and hop in our car and drive to our hotel. Me and Zayn say our goodbyes and walk up to our room. As we enter the room I notice that the bes was made. "Ohh a nice warm comfy bed." I say and smile. "Was today fun Per?" Zayn askes me. "Oh yes! It was fabulouse!" I say getting dressed into my pajamas. "Well good I am glad you had fun." Zayn says. I get into the bed with him and fall asleep.

I wake up to my phone ringing really loudly. I slowly and sleepily grab for my phone and answer it. "hello?" I ask yawning. "Per! Come to the kitchen quick! I have news for you girls!" Klarity says and I quickly hang up and run towards the Lobby. I soon reach the kitchen and bust open the door. "Perrie come sit down with us!" Taylor says. I sit down next to El and look straight at Klarity waiting for her to tell us what is happening. "Okay so this morning I went to the store and bout something and brought is back here. Harry was sleeping at the time and he still is so he does not know this yet but... I, I am pregnant." Klarity says.



Cliffffhhhaannnggeerrr! HAHA! But OMG! I do not know if I want to make the baby a girl or a boy yet and I am not sure about name.... What do you think?

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