What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


14. Off to LA.

*5 months later*

Klarity's POV

I wake up to Harry giving me kisses. I love him. "What is the plan today?" I ask. "We, well all of us boys and your girls are going to Disneyland!" He says. I get confused. "What?" He chuckles at my question and pulls me out of bed. "We are going to Disneyland so get showered and dressed and pack your bag and then we are going to head over to Liam's!" he says. I nod and walk into the bathroom. I strip my clothes off after I start the shower and wait for it to warm up. I walk over to the mirror and stare at myself. I looked horrible. My hair is everywhere and I still have makeup on. I quickly brush my teeth and wipe my make up off and jump into the shower. The warm water falls on my back relaxing me. I grab my green apple smelling shampoo and pour some into my hand. I massage my scalp rubbing the soap into my dirty hair. Once it is soapy I wash it out and do the same thing with the conditioner. before I wash the conditioner out I wash my body. I have learned from my mom that letting the conditioner soak in makes it soft which happens to be true so I use the extra time to wash myself. I grab my red apple body wash (I love apple smelling products) and clean myself. I stand under the warm water letting it wash out the soapy-ness as I rest my arms for a second. After a while I finish my shower and jump out. I walk over to our dresser and find something comfy to wear. I find a cute but soft jumper with yoga pants and I walk into the bathroom to dry my hair. Once I finish drying my hair I head downstairs into the living room to see Harry sitting eating a banana. "Hello there!" I say making Harry jump a little. "You scared me, Klar!" he said. I just laugh and grab myself a banana too. "Did you pack?" He asked. "Not yet, I just got out of the shower." I answer. "I was just wondering, but we only have 2 hours left intill we have to leave to go to liam's and head to the airport, wan me to help you?" harry asks. "Sure, thanks Harold." I say with a smirk. "Well now I am not helping you." He says crossing his arms and snapping his fingers like a 5 year old. "Fine, but that means no kisses for you." I say. Harry sits there for a moment then gets up and follows me up the stairs. That always gets them. I grab my suitcase from under the bed and set it on top of a table near he bathroom. "What kind of clothes should I pack?" I ask him. Comfy but sexy but warm." He says. I roll my eyes and pick out a few tank tops and shorts. "These will have to do Mr.Styles." I say and give him a devilish smile. I walk back the dresser to pick out a couple of t shirts and pans and some shoes. "I am done with clothing!" I asy and head over to the bath room. I grab all my beauty products and shower products and anything I need to live and pack it into the pink suitcase. "Are you done yet?" Harry asks groaning. "Yes, lets go!" I say and he immediately stands up and grabs his suitecase and keys and heads down the stairs. He must be really excited. I thought. I grab my suitcase and roll it downstairs and next to the door. Harry opens it and unlocks his car. "Her m'lady!" He says while opening the passenger door for me. "Why thank you kind sir." I say kissing him on the cheek before stepping into the car. Once he gets in we drive away towards Liam's house. Once we arrive there we get out and walk to his door. Harry is like a child and keeps knocking on his door every like 5 seconds. "Harry you are probably irritating him!" I say. "It does not matter I am too excited!" he says and rings the doorbell one more time before Liam opens the door jumping up and down like a young girl. I guess he is just as excited. "Come in!" he says and Harry rushes inside. "I'm sorry for....him." I say and Liam shakes his head and chuckles. I walk inside and sit next to the girls talking about what might happen in LA. After a while we get in a big van and drive to the airport. Once we get there, paps and fans start to crowd around us. We rush into our plan and take our seats. I get comfy relaxed and me and Harry watch a couple of movies and talk intill our flight lands into California. Now I am excited. We start to get up and leave the plane. we find a taxi and drive to a hotel. "This hotel is so cool!" I say walking inside our hotel and find a large pool that was Mickey Mouse shaped, and I see a diamond chandelier. It was amazing. "Wow!" Eleanour says. I nod and look at Harry. I give him a quick kiss and run around the huge hotel lobby. After a few minutes all of us girls are being chased by the boys. I soon get tired and fall onto one of the small comfy couches. I pant as Harry picks me up and we head to the elevator. He puts me down and I walk into the elevator once the doors open. We all pack in and head to our rooms. Erin is with Liam, I am with Harry, Niall is with Taylor, Eleanour is with Louis, and Perrie is with Zayn. Once me and Harry get to our room we open the door and see rose petals and chocolates and candles all on the ground. I look at harry to see him smirking. I turn around and stand on my tippi-toes to kiss him. Our kiss turns a little passionate while our tounges dance and I am being lifted onto his waist and I am aginst the wall. I smile into the kiss and he does too. He breaks the kiss and carries me to the bed. I  drop on the bed ad he does too and we continue our kissing.



Ohhhhhhhhhhh things just got spicy! So what do you think?

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