What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


10. Is it REALLY, better?

Niall's POV

After that kiss she asked me something. "Can we  tell them we got back together later?"  Tayor asked me. I nodded and pecked her lips again and we got back to the room. Klarity was hugging Harry, Erin was kissing Liam and everyone else was talking. "Boys, when do we leave?" I asked. They checked their phones. "Now.." Zayn said. Everyone hugged again including me. Us boys then walked into the hallway ad we were off.


Klarity's POV

They walked into the hallway and then they disappeared. I was going to miss them but I think I will be fine. "Girls let's have a movie night at my place!" Erin said. We all walked to our car and drove off. Erin was driving since it was her car and I was in the passanger seat.  "So we have a week to spare, what are we going to do?" I asked excitedly. "Uhm, well we could go to six flags tomorrow!" Taylor said. We agreed and arrived at Erin's flat. "Welcome girls." Erin said. I smiled and walked in after she opened the door. "I am going to make popcorn and you girl find a movie. Erin said and we did. "How about Coraline?" I asked. "Sure I like that movie!" Erin said. "What about you Taylor?" I asked. "I've never seen it." She said. I gasped sarcastically. "You have never seen Coroline!?" I asked shocked. She nodded. "Well sit yo butt down girl cause we gon' watch it!" Erin said and we all laughed. As we watched Coroline , Taylor would keep checking her phone like every minute and smiling. I was very curious. "Gosh, what is your problem Taylor?" I said teasingly. "Oh, nothing, just looking at uhm, funny things." She answered. Me and Erin were NOT happy with her answer. "Uh, well if it IS nothing then it should not be funny hmm?" Erin said tying to steal Taylor's phone. "Okay I will tell! Uhm, so I talked to Niall before they left and, we are back together." She said nervously. I was in total shock. "What The Fuck..." Erin said. Taylor looked puzzled. "Um honey, are you okay?" I asked Taylor. "Yeah what is so wrong about my decision!?" She asked a little loud. "Well, your decision is stupid!" Erin said. "Well bitch, it is not your fucking problem now is it!?" Taylor yelled at Erin. I tried to say out of this conversation. "Well excuse me whore but me or US do NOT need to always treat you like your a fucking crappy princess who controls the land of slutville!" Erin said. "At least I was not freaking the fuck out like a little shit when I met Niall. And I was never a douche when it comes to friends!" Taylor said storming of crying. I felt sorry for her but, why would she go back to Niall? That is not like her. I turned off the movie. "I'm sorry Klarity, I know she is your best friend and I was extremely fucking rude but, I am just trying to protect h-" "It is okay Erin. I do not understand why she got back with Niall it is not like her.." I said after interrupting Erin.

Taylor's POV

 I ran upstairs into a closet. I did not know my way around this flat. Why am I such a bitch? I looked around the room to find what I was looking for. Once I found it, it was the only thing I could see. I grabbed this shiny object and held it to my wrist. Only Klarity knew that I used to cut. I had stopped for about a year but things are getting rough again. I NEED it. I carefully sliced my soft pale skin as the dark-ish red liquid dripped on the floor. I added a few more cuts to my collection of use to be 10. Now I have 16. I am done with this world. I want to be with my sister. My younger sister. Emily. I guess now I have to retell the story in my head huh? What the fuck am I doing? I am just talking to my fucking idiotic self. I found a way out of this world but it only lasts about 13 minutes but it depends on how many cuts.


Emily: A story about Tayor's sister.

She was innocent. Blue eyed, blonde haired, perfectly tanned skin. Klarity dose not even know about her. I only had her for about 12 years. Yes she was 12 when she died. A tragic event. Why did she like trains? Why are people so stupid? I ask myself those 2 questions all the time. She was in the train with her class. It was a train ride to a small history site. She had the choice between riding in a bus or a train. Most kids picked the train which was sadly a bad choice. She of course picked the train because of her weird obsession with them. The driver was drunk. She was in my old school at the time. All the teachers were shit and the driver were always either drunk or stoned. I was poor intill Klarity's family came into my life and saved our lives. Emily was gone with the first hit of the bombs. Stupid teenagers had put bombs under the ground on the other side of town (which was about 2 hours away). She was gone......


Okay so hay humans! I know, this is a short and sad chapter but I have been really busy this week! :( But this weekend I PROMISE I will make at least 2 chapters! And hopefully I will make one tomarrow too! Tell me what you think about this chapter please! AND BTW: What do you think about how Taylor is acting?!

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