What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


4. How do I answer?

(A/N) Okay so a quick announcement! If you want a character you may comment but you have to be detailed like, how you want the character to act, name, and everything else the only characters you can not be is Harry's maybe to be girlfriend and Niall's maybe to be girlfriend. Bye! - Dakota


" Do you want to be my girlfriend?"  Harry asks you. You look deep in his eyes. He looks a little worried. " Harry, I would love to be your girlfriend!" You both cheer with excitement. Harry takes your hand and kisses you straight on the lips. You kiss back. If someone took a picture, it would be wonderful. With the fireworks and the perfect light. Just wonderful. Afterwards you both enjoy the fireworks while ending the ferris wheel ride. As you got off you decided to call your mom. You walk to the nearest bathroom. ' Hey mom, how are you?' ' Hey darling, I am fine what about you?' 'I am awesome. I actually have something to tell you. Uhm, well you know the boyband One Direction? Well I have become good friends with them and even closer friends to one whose name is Harry Styles. And now we are dating.' 'Oh darling! That is good news, I am happy for you! I have to go now but thanks for the call!' 'Love you mom, bye!' You ended the call nd walked back to find Harry talking to some fans. Harry noticed you and called you over.  " Girls, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Harry's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I introduced the fans to (y/n). They did not seem too excited but they were happy for me. I liked that. " Hi I am (y/n)!" she said. They all said hi back. " Well we have to go, sorry girls. Thanks for the chat!" I said to them. We walked off to a food stand since I was hungry. " What do you want, Harry?" She asked me. " You." I answered cheekily. " Well, you already have me and I am not a food item so besides me what do you want?" She said with a little sass. I thought it was cute. " Food." I said. She rolled her eyes and we ended up sharing a hamburger. " Where is the rest of the group?" She asked me. " I have no idea. I am going to call Niall." I called Ni and he picked up quickly. 'hey man where are you guys?' I asked him. 'We are walking towards the parking lot with the others. Where are you guys?' 'We are eating a hamburger in the fair.'  'Oh, well we tried to call but you never picked up.' 'Oh, I never heard it. That is weird.' 'Well do you want to meet up somewhere?' 'How about my flat in 30 minutes?' I told him and he agreed. " come on (y/n) lets go. We are meeting up with the others at my flat."  She nodded and packed up our stuff. As we  walked out of the fair we heard a bunch of girls scream my name. We started running intill we  found my car. I opened the door for her and she thanked me. Once I got in I tuned on some music. And of course her favorite song came on. Moments by, well, me, or us! :p. We both started singing along while driving to  my flat. " Harry why me?" She asks me. I got confused. "Uhm, why you what?" " Why did you ask me to be your girlfriend. I mean out of all the girls, you chose me. why?" She asks. " Well your different babe. You don't fangirl over me or scream all the time. And your cute and pretty." I said while she starts to blush. I grab her hand and I kiss her on the cheek. I think she was satisfied with my answer. I'm glad because all of it is true.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Your POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was happy with his answer. He makes me feel special. Even though I am still a little curious on why he chose me, I know he loves me, and I love him. Once we got to his flat, I immediately got into some pjs. I wore one of his T shirts with one of his pajama pants. I put my hair in a messy bun and went in his living room. Everyone had gotten here by the time I was done. " Well hello (A nickname for you)!" Louis said. " Well hello Louis!" You said back. After greeting each other you and Harry decided to tell everyone that you were dating. " Guys I have something to tell you." Harry said. You got kinda nervous on how they might react. " Me and (y/n) are dating now." Harry said. Everyone cheered. You felt so happy that they were okay with it.  "Let's play a game!" Your friend said. " What game?" Zayn asked. " How bout truth or dare!" harry adds. You all agree and get in a circle. "I will go first." Niall says. "Okay, zayn, truth or dare?" Zayn thinks for a little bit. " Hmm, truth!" " Okay let's see, have you ever been rejected?" Niall asks Zayn. " Yes many times. Okay uhm, Harry! Truth or dare?" Zayn asks. " Well of course dare!" Harry says. " Okay  I dare you to Skype a fan and twerk in front of them." Zayn starts laughing while Harry accepts the request. Harry grabs his computer and logs onto Skype. " Okay who should I Skype?" Harry asks. "That girl!" Liam yells as he points towards the computer screen. Harry clicks on the mouse and gets ready for the camera. When she accepts the call she does not notice Harry's face but laughs at this 'random' guy twerking. Harry finally turns around and the girl screams. " Omg it is Harry Styles! She yells as other people come on the screen. They all start freaking out as the boys try to talk to them. " Well bye girls! By the way, this was a dare from zayn!" Harry says and logs off of his computer. " Okay truth or dare (y/n)!" he asks you. " Uh, truth!" You say excitedly. "Do you like The Wanted?" He asks. "Egh! No!" You say with disgust. Everyone starts laughing. You finished up the game a couple hours after because everyone got tired. You ended up having yolk on your head from a dare and you smelt horrible but nobody complained. You decided to take a shower be fore going to bed. As you undressed and stepped in the warm water, you heard Harry's voice from behind the curtains. " May I come in to get something?" He asked politely. " Yeah sure!" You knew he was going to look at you. you were a bit insecure but he was your boyfriend, he had to see you sometime right? As he walked in he just stared straight forward. There were no mirrors were he was looking so he could not see you. You were surprised on how mature he was about going into a bathroom while a women was showering. You liked it. After Harry grabed his item he ran out of the room yelling sorry and that was that. You started washing yourself with your favorite body wash. Green Apple. You smelt so good after you dried yourself. You put your pajamas back on and put your hair in a messy bun and headed on to Harry's bed. It was comfy with silky, purple sheets to match his beautiful purple walls. He came in the room with a couple of waters and chips. You guys decided to watch a movie. You  watched Love Actually which is Harry's favorite movie. " I love this movie!" Harry said. " I have never seen it before." You said with a giggle. harry just looked at you with a shocked face. "Well then shut up and watch!" Harry said sarcastically.  You got covered with blankets while you were snuggling Harry. He was holding onto you and drawing patterns with his fingers on your back. You held his arm that was hugging you. You loved this. After watching the movie, you turned around to see a sleeping Harry. He was cute when he was sleeping. You just stared at him for a while. "Stop looking at me." He said. It scared you a little bit cause you thought he was asleep. You giggled and turned around to look at the wall. You were thinking of what had happened this past 3 months. It was amazing


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