What, me?!

Here, a girl, who is obsessed with the X-Factor becomes obsessed with a new singing group made by Simon Cowell. They visit her hometown which is really Harry's (her favorite member) home town too. She of course, goes to try to stalk them but ends up actually getting Harry to fall in love with her!


5. First week.

You woke up to a beautiful sunlight gap from the window. It looked lovely. You turned around and did not see a Harry. You fixed your hair and walked to the living room. Everyone was there. "Goodmorning!" You said to them. They all said hi at once, that made you laugh. " (y/n) and (y/f/n), we have something to tell you." harry said with a smile. You were a little confused. "We have a show tonight and we wanted to give you guys these tickets." Louis said. "Oh, no need!" You said. They all looked confused. You and your friend laughed. "We already have tickets. Remember? We are still directioners!" Your friend said. They all understood. Niall and your friend made pancakes while you were talking with the other boys. "So what seats do you have?" " We have second row." You answered. "We have two front row tickets!" Liam said cheerfully. "Maybe you and (y/f/n) take the two front row tickets and your parents take the second row tickets!" harry added. " Sure why not?" You said. " I am going to ask my mom right now actually." You added. First you walked in the kitchen and told your friend what is happening and she told you to call her mom too. ' Hey mom! I have a question.' 'Yes sweetie, what is it?' 'Do you want to meet my boyfriend?' 'Oh, of course!' 'Okay, cool. We have tickets for his show tonight with his band and wanted to see is you wanted to come!' 'What time?' She asked. ' Uhm, around 5 is when it starts.' 'Okay come home around 2 to talk more but I got to work right now, bye honey!' 'Bye mom!' You hung up the phone and almost when you were about to call your friends mom your friend runs up o you. " Hey I already called he so no need!" " Cool, is she coming?" You asked. " Yes she is, what about your mom?" "Same." You guys got excited and entered the dining room really happy. "Why are you girls so happy?" Liam asks. " Our moms are coming to the show tonight!"  Your friend said " Awesome!" Niall added. You all ate and talked about stupid things. You  looked at the clock and saw that is was only twelve. "Do you have to be somewhere?" Harry asked a little concerned. " Yeah, I have to meet my mother at two to give her the tickets." You said. "Can I come with you?" You friend asked. " Of course." You replied. "How are you going to get there?" Zayn asked. "We will take the bus." You said. "No I will drive you." Harry said. "Fine but we have two stops." Your friend said. "That is fine by me!" Harry said. "Good." You added. Once you finished eating you and your friend got ready to go meet your moms with Harry. "Ready, Harry!" Your friend called out. "Niall do you want to come?" You asked him. He thought for a moment. "Yeah sure let me just get my shoes on." He went to the corner where his shoes were and put them on. "Okay, let's go!" Your friend said. Harry opened the passenger seat door for you. Niall and your friend sat in the back. You guys were talking about the boy's show tonight. "So are you doing a meet and greet before the show?" You asked. "Yes we are but in the room there is seats for us and family and friends and whatnot." Harry answered you. "Oh, cool!" Your friend said. "Turn left here." You said to Harry as you parked on the driveway. You all got out and you got a ticket out of your purse. Harry knocked on the door and your mom answered it. "Hey mom!" You said. "Hey darling! How are you doing?" She asked. "I am doing good, mom." You said. You guys walked into your house and entered your living room. "Now, who is this?"  Your mom asked pointing to Niall and Harry. You talked about Harry first. "This is Harry, my boyfriend." You said. "Oh, he's charming!" Your mom said happy with him. "And this is Niall, he is apart of One Direction too." You said. "Hello, boys would you like anything?" "No thank you." They both said at once. It made you and your friend laugh.  You guys and your mom started talking about tonight and then you gave her the ticket and left. You guided harry to your friend house and parked on her driveway. Your friend opened the door with a key and went inside. "Mom!" She yelled. "Yes?" She answered. "We have guests!" Your friend said. Her mom quickly ran down stairs to see. "Well, hello (y/n)!" She said to you. "Hi!" You answered.  "Mom, meet Niall, my boyfriend." She said. You and Harry were shocked, Niall was too. You and Harry just smiled. Niall smiled really big. "Well hello, Niall! My daughter has told me all about you. That you are in a band called One Direction, and mostly everything." She said. "And this is Harry, (y/n)'s boyfriend." "Hi, Harry!" She said. You guys gave her the ticket and left. The car ride was silent intill you said something. "Hey, (y/f/n), did you pack some clothes from your house?" You asked. "Yeah, did you?" She asked. "Mhm, I did!" You Niall, Harry, and your friend drove back to the house to get ready. You wore a  pink and white 1D shirt with tight short-shorts and pink sneakers. You looked good. It went well with your golden hair and beautiful sparkling blue-green eyes. You went into the bathroom to put on a little makeup. Just a little though, you did not want to look like a clown but you don't want to look like  horse. One you finished putting on your favorite strawberry and coconut lip gloss, you brushed your hair just to make sure it looked good. Once you were satisfied you left the  bathroom and went and knocked  on the  room  your friend and Niall were sleeping in. Your friend answered the door. "Hey,you done? Well Niall will be ready in just a few moments!" She said as you gave her a nod and she closed the door. You found Harry looking in the fridge stuffing his face with a banana. " You hungry?" You asked him. "Oh, god, (y/n), you startled me!" He said and you giggled. He asked you if you wanted anything and you just said no and started talking about things. "Are you nervous for the show tonight?" You asked him. "I am kind of used to it now but it is a little nerve racking that your mum is coming." He answered. "Well do not be shy, she loves you!" You comfort him.  He smiled at you and you giggled smiling back. "I love you, (y/n)!" He said. "I love you too, Harold. He stuck his tongue out at you and you just kissed his cheek. Niall and your friend came out after that and that is when you started heading towards the venue. It was not that far. Once you gut their the boys go ahead and get in the meet and greet room. You nd your friend were sitting on the side watching the boys be so kind to the fans. If you ere not dating Harry you probably would be crying right now taking a picture with him. You almost did when you first met him. "Aren't they so cute?" You  say to your friend. "Adorable!" She answers admiring the boys with you. Once all the fans got a picture, they started to line up for the soundcheck. Harry pecked your lips and you all headed towards the back stage area.

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