Paul Higgins' Daughter

Hi. You don't know me. What's there to know. Except for the fact that I'm Paul Higgins' daughter. Yeah he manages One Direction. I couldn't care less. I hate that band. Anyways let me properly introduce myself. I'm the rebel.


1. Introducing Me

Name: Alex Higgins

Hair: Blonde with black tips

Age: 19

Least Favorite Thing: One Direction

Alex's POV

Oh joy! Note the sarcasm. I get to go with my dad, Paul Higgins, to a fricken meeting with the one, the only, super annoying ONE DIRECTION. Yay. Well we're here. Time to plug in my earbuds. I plugged them in and clicked on music, my playlist entitled 'Super Boring One Direction Meetings' and clicked shuffle and play. The first song that came up-Godsmack's I Stand Alone. I placed my earbuds in my ear and turned the volume up all the way. I couldn't hear anything. We walked in the building and went to the room. I sat down In my usual spot and leaned my head back. I was tuned out jamming and possibly doing air guitar when my earbuds were roped out of my ears. "What?" I asked the person, which I learned was my dad. He said the worst sentence ever "Guess who gets to go on tour with One Direction?" "Please say Paramore!" "No it's you!" Ugh. "Ok." I didn't argue cause I was in a relatively good mood. And if I argued I would be yelled at and I wouldn't be in a good mood. Well, I gotta go pack. This is gonna be the longest 12 months ever.

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