Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


8. The vision


We had made our way back inside " hey sky would you mind passing me that vase over there " Esme asked I grabbed it but as soon as I turned around I stopped.


 The pack and the cullens are walking into a area that is covered in snow and we stopped the volturi walked towards us " give us the girl" aro said pointing at me " never" Edward and Carlisle said at the same time " fine then I gave you a choice" Jane comes out from behind aro and said pain I got cofused intil I felt pain shooting through my body I dropped to the ground then everything went blurry 


the vase made a smashing noise while breaking across the living room ground Edward was the first to notice since he read my mind and can running towards me at me vampire speed he was standing in front of me with his hands on my shoulders while looking me in the eyes a single tear fell out of my eye trailing down my face and at this time everyone was around me " what's wrong what happened in your vision" another tear slipped out of my eye " it can't be that bad it's not like she's going to break a leg jeez drama queen" Bella said " please tell me you do t break anything" Edward said to me moving his arms to his side " worse" I mumbled " what do you mean worse " Rosalie questioned " I died" I whispered hopping no one would hear but they all did "maybe the visions wrong" emmet said" my visions are never wrong" before I could say anything else I feel to my knees crying with my head in my hands jasper was by my side I'm seconds holding me while saying calming things into my ear like shh it's going to be okay everything's gonna be just fine .

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