Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


9. Slowly drifting away


"what are we going to do " Jake said to the cullens and the pack we were standing in the lounge trying to figure out what to do about the vision "well obviously she is going to die" Bella said jaspers grip loosened and with in seconds and in a flash he was holding Bella by the throat against the wall Edward being the husband he is pushed him off and through him across the room into a piano I felt something over come my body and jumped at Edward shifting midair and landed ontop of him he was alarmed and threw me off he must of not wanted me to go that far but I did I felt glass shatter on my back i rolled on the ground I stood up and took a quick look at my surroundings relishing I had been thrown outside I felt my body being slammed into a tree I yelped feeling my bloody back slam against the tree opening my wounds even more I quickly shook it of and kicked the person off me to show Bella flying into the side of the house I turned around to walk away knowing that if I didn't the ripper would be released but before I could do anything I felt myself be lifted up into the air and a hand placed on my ribs I felt Bella grab my rip and twisted then I felt them snap you could hear the snap from a mile away the pack shifted and came running towards Bella the cullens went to grab Bella she grabbed my right leg and twisted it i felt my bone snap I howled in pain Bella released me I fell to the ground my vision going blurry the pack was by me in seconds embry bent down and put his hand on my furry chest he looked at the rest "she's barely breathing we have to hurry up" I started to feel tired so I closed my eyes I could faintly hear the screams from my pack and all the cullens even Bella I felt myself being lifted by everybody but couldn't remember anything after .   


we carried sky back to Billy's as soon as we arived billy opened the door and wheeled out onto the deck he gasped as he saw his daughter still In wolf form laying in our arms barely breathing and covered in blood we all rushed her inside and put her on her bed Carlisle shoved us all out we were standing outside waiting anxiously when we heard a ear pearcing scream I started to make my way towards the door when Bella stopped me I turned towards her with hate filling my eyes I no longer saw the Bella I used to know the kind loving Bella but now all I can see is a monster I stopped and ripped my hand out of her grip and looked at her" what are you doing" Bella asked " what dose it look like" she rolled her eyes "she doesn't matter anymore I was just helping her to change the future" I took a step closer rage waiting to flow out of my body "DONT YOU THINK YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH YOU HAVE RUINED PEOPLE'S LIFE'S IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT SKY OH WAIT IT ALL GOES YOUR WAY AND TO YOU NOBODY WOULD MISS HER BUT THEY DO WHAT ABOUT JAKE SHE WAS HIS SISTER WHAT ABOUT THE PACK THEY ARE HER FAMILY WHAT ABOUT US AYE DID YOU THINK ABOUT HOW THIS WOULD AFFECT US WE HAD ALREADY TOOK HER INTO THE FAMILY EDWARD CARLISLE ESME TREATED HER LIKE SHE WAS THERE DAUGHTER AND THE REST OF THEM TREATED HER LIKE A LITTLE SISTER I EVEN LOVED HER DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN MOPING AROUND ABOUT ALICE 6 YEARS I THOUGHT I COULD NEVER MOVE ON BUT JUST AS I DID YOU HURT HER AND SHE MIGHT NOT LIVE YOU HAVE DESTROYED OUR FAMILY HER FAMILY YOU BROKE US APART haven't you done enough" I whispered near the end tears poured down my face( they can cry)and everybody else's face Bella looked at Edward " aren't you going to stand up for me " she whined Edward shook his head watching me with tears trailing down his face we heard another scream I feel to my knees and buried my face into my hands sobbing I felt two hands rubbing my back i looked up to see Rosalie and esme I felt two arms wrap around me I turned my head to see renesmee with tears rolling down her cheeks I looked up to see everybody around me with tears trailing down there face I pulled renesmee into a hug and carried on sobbing my sobs getting louder every time I heard a scream coming from inside. 

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