Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


7. Powers


" we'll if we go outside ill show you" I said making my way out side with everyone following I was near the entrance of the woods " so what are these powers of yours" emmet said " we'll ill start with the basic I can like do anything I want with someone's mind I can control it see their past,future can make them see what ever I want them to see so anyone want to volunteer " emmet raised his hand " okay emmet stand about 10 meters infront of me then when I say go run at me as fast as you can and try to attack me " I said emmet made his way to where he was meant to be " ready GO" I said emmet came running a me in vampire speed I closed my eyes took a deep breath and when I opened then it was all going in slow motion through my mind but through everyone else's eyes it was the normal speed ' okay now focus' I thought to myself emmet tried to hit me but I controlled his hand everything went back to the normal speed through my eyes I make him punch him self I flick my eyes to the right flinging him into a tree I bring my eyes back forward and hold him in the air I slowly put him on the ground " okay now I will make you see what I want you to" I pictured through his eyes a jungle with monkeys swinging around on branches " haha look at the monkeys" emmet said while reaching his hand out to touch it but I made it fly open its mouth and try to bite him he squealed and fell on the ground I got rid of the image " please never do that again ever " emmet begged "  I won't " " okay next power I can see the future " " we'll how are you going to show us that " Bella said " easy like this" I bring my hands together with about 2 inch gap between and a ray of light shines through them and it turns into the shape of a screen on the image it showed me and the pack in wolf form running around our territory when we smelt a vampire we ran after it I got a good look of the vampire it was before they could see who it was I moved my hands to my side " that's enough" I said to quick for my liking " next I can control the four elements " as soon as I said that I raised my hands up a little and a tree grew out of the ground a pile of water from the tap was floating in the air and a ball of fire flew around in the air and a tiny tornado was swirling around on the ground " wow" the cullens mumbled every time I did a different power " it's amazing" " it is isn't it " 


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