Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


4. Forks high school

" hey sky you all right you kinda zoned out" Jacob said " oh yeah I'm fine" I was thinking about the flashback I had earlier " okay well here's your stop" jake said pulling up to a building that said forks high school " oh how fun ill just turn into one of those I'm so perfect girls while I'm here " I said " please tell me your being sarcastic" jake said while giving me my bag " of course I was you should now me long enough to know that most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is sarcastic" I said while hopping out of the car " I'll pick you up later sis" " yep sure love ya bro" I said closing the door " oh yeah watch out for the cullens please " " I don't know who that is but okay bro bye" " bye" I made my way through the doors of hell and as I was walking down the corridor everyone started to look at me I make my way to my locker and everyone's still looking this is pissing me off " what's wrong do I have something on my face or do you have something to say cause if you do say it to my fucking face" I yelled at everyone they all turned their backs serves them right I make my way towards history and as soon as I walk in I am surrounded by the horrible smell of blood suckers and by the looks of the blood suckers faces they think the same about my smell because their heads shoot up to meet mine I look away and make my way to the teacher " um excuse me I'm new here " he looked at me with a welcoming smile " ah so you must be skyler black" at that name all the blood suckers faces shoot up and burn their eyes into the back of my head " um yes that's me " " okay well you will be sitting next to jasper Cullen  so jasper can you please raise your hand" one of the pale faces raise their hand oh how fun I spend a day next to something that smells really bad oh I'm so fudging lucky I make my way towards the pale face or shall I call him jasper nah I like pale face better I sit down next to him and carefully take my bag of my back because of my black leather jackets studs and drop it on the floor I then chuck my feet up on my desk showing my black combat boots the teacher turns his gaze towards me and glares at my feet " skyler remove your feet from your desk" I slowly move my feet and sit up properly if theirs one thing I know not to do is get a detention on my first day because jake and the boys will eat me alive I turn towards pale face waiting for him to say something " oh um hi I'm jasper Cullen " he said " yeah I know who you are pale face" I whisper back to him his face turns to shock and just as I was gonna say something else the bell rang and he was gone -SKIP TO LUNCH- " ewwwww do these people not have real food " I whispered to myself looking at all the food selections what they even have fried dog now this started to make me mad I clenched my fist causing the fork In my hand to bend in to a type of squiggly line 'just remember what jake told you to do deep breaths' I thought to myself I inhale and exhale I put my empty tray and cutlery down and walk to an empty table and see the cullens all sitting together at the table near mine and from what I've been told there's Edward , bella , emmet , rosealie , jasper and there was a girl call Alice but apparently she died and so yeah all through out lunch I could feel their stares burning into the back of my head  -SKIP REST OF CLASSES- I was waiting out side for jake I could see the cullens watching me until a motorcycle parked right In front of me and they took of their helmet to revel jake I give him a giant hug and put on his helmet and we were off -AT PACK HOUSE- " so how was your first day" Sam asked me we were all just sitting on the couches and Sam had Emily on his lap " it was good except I ran into the pale faces" I said calmly " you what " they all yelled " it's no big deal" I said walking to my room in the house I jump into bed and cuddled up to my pillow intill I fell into a peaceful sleep.  

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