Jacobs sister

Read about Jacob blacks little sister and how she ends up winning over jasper cullens heart.


12. A bump in with Jane and a new group in the family

I groaned and rolled over I opened my eyes to see jasper laying next to me stroking my arm I smiled widely which he returned I looked at my surroundings to see we were in his room I looked back up to jasper he shifted his body on top of me while holding himself up .
" morning beautiful " he whispered I blushed before leaning up and kissing him I smiled Into the kiss and pulled back he was gazing down at me , he brushed a peace of hair out of my face.
" I love you so much " he mumbled my heart went rapid beating as fast as it can i flipped us over slight wincing as I moved my stomach jasper rubbed my back and smiled at me .
" I love you so much it hurts " he kissed me once again and I hopped off of him he sat up and stared at me I looked down at what I was wearing which was one of jaspers shirts and just my bra and undies jaspers top just pasted my butt to about a couple centermeters before mid thigh showing of my long tanned legs jasper stood up walking towards me a smile tugged at his lips I went to see what he was thinking but I couldn't it was blank a little to blank something or someone was stopping me from going into his mind frustrating me endlessly , jasper noticed my change in mood and was by my side in a second he grabbed my hands as soon as he did I felt relaxed and calm all the frustrate and anger was instantly gone . Jasper was using his power to clam me down once I was calm he looked me in the eyes concern and worry filled his golden eyes .
" what happened " he asked I tried to get into his mind again but I couldn't I huffed In anger and jasper went to clam me again but I stopped him .
" someone or something is blocking me from your mind a-" I stopped myself mid sentenced jasper looked at me curiously he could feel my emotions even though he wasn't holding my hands anymore I was feeling confused before but it all faded when I remembered what Bella could do and was replaced with rage , fury and anger jasper took a step towards me but I walked over to his draws and stole a pair of his sweats and put them on walking past jasper and out the door I could here them all down stairs so I started running down the stairs jasper hot on my tail when I reached the bottom I walked into the lounge to see all the cullens standing their and the pack I saw Bella standing next to Edward renesmee wasn't in the room jasper was still behind me Edward must of read my thoughts because he pushed Bella behind him everyone was shocked till they saw me standing there shaking in anger it was no longer anger from blocking jaspers mind but from what she did to me good thing she didn't actually brake my leg or my ribs she just badly bruised them and the cracking noises was sticks jasper was trying to clam me down but the anger kept flowing through my vains my eyes started going brown and Carlisle was in front of me in seconds holding my shaking shoulders .
"Calm down you can't shift with your stomach and if you do you could damage it more" he said but I payed no attention and Sam stepped forward noticing my eyes and the way I was reacting .
" Carlisle I suggest you stand back she's losing control " he said pulling Carlisle back Edward looked at me with a look that said calm down please , please , please for me for renesmee and that's all it took was the mention of the smaller child's name and I stood straight with tears in my eyes I ran outside and into the forest and didn't stop till I reached a small pond that was as clear as day and had little fish swimming around in it I sighed sitting down on the edge I put my finger tips into the water and slowly lifted my hand up pulling the water up with my hand I swirled it into a ball before turning it into snow I made it explode and snow was falling around me . The temperature dropped to freezing and I shivered wrapping my arms around myself in attempt to warm myself up but I had no such luck it shocked me because I'm a wolf I'm always warm no matter what . A cold feeling spread through my heart and I instantly knew why I was so cold it was because my imprint/mate wasn't close enough (i know thats not true but its for the book so please dont hate me )because I remember dad telling me that when one mate is miles away form the other they both will feel as cold as cold can be even if one was a vampire they will be ten times colder and your heart will be ice cold and will feel lonely . I sighed when another breeze flew towards me I was shaking at this point and a little worried just in case I get hypothermia and freeze to death I felt something slowly start to wrap around my ankles and started moving up I looked down shocked to see vines wrapping them self around me and I could hear the plants thoughts 'we mean no harm just keeping you warm ma'am ' I was slightly shocked because I've never been able to hear the plants thoughts I could just control them my heart now felt ice cold it must be because jaspers looking for me except going the wrong way I sighed before slowly standing up the vines undoing and let me free i started to run back home when I heard a rustle so I stopped and sniffed the air and I smelt a member of the Volturi I instantly shifted and turned to where the vampire stood and in front of me stood Jane I ran at her but she put me in pain I yelped in pain and withered on the ground I heard a branch snap and she stopped and looked in that direction while she was distracted I stood up pushing the pain away and ran as fast as my wolf speed would let me I heard her behind me .
"You'll never get away mutt" she said I ran even faster till I got a small whiff of esme's perfume so I followed it in till I felt someone land on my back I flicked her off but she flicked me with her and I flew into a tree I looked around and saw Jane was no longer around but I could smell her sent going back to Italy I stood up off the ground and attempted to run but let out a small yelp I looked down at my front right paw to see it was bleeding badly I mentally sighed and pushed myself back up using three legs I'm surprised the pack aren't already in my head trying to find out where I am I wobbled a bit but started walking well more like limping back to the Cullen's house hold when I was close enough I felt the warm feeling surge through my body and I felt relived at least I could feel jasper again I was just at the edge of the forest in front of the Cullen's when I tripped I whined and my head filled with thoughts like ' what was that' ' was that sky' and all that stuff I tried to stand back up but I couldn't my paw was all puffy and a blood red which mixed with the black so I laid on the ground and tilted my head up wards a bit and howled and in seconds I could hear foot steps running out the door and there stood the pack and the Cullen's all searching but they couldn't see me because a huge ass leaf was blocking me slightly from their view so I pushed my self up but as soon as I did a pain shot up through my paw through the rest of my body I stumbled and fell on top of the huge leaf and howled in pain their heads shot to my direction and they gasped and ran towards me the Cullen's were next to me in a second Carlisle had lightly touched my wounded paw by accident and I howled in pain again his head shot down to my right paw that wouldn't stop bleeding.
" we need to get her inside " he said everyone nodded and picked me up still in wolf form and brought me into the house to Carlisle's little doctors office thingy and they placed me on the bed and he started to wrap my paw even though he knew it would just slip off when I shifted back but it was just for now jasper was sitting on the bed next to me he slightly grimaced from the smell when I snuggled my head on top of his lap I sent to his mind ' yeah I know I must stink cause I'm a wolf but I don't know how you cope with it ' he instantly looked down at me and rubbed behind my ear I let my tail wag wildly hitting Carlisle in the process he looked at me while Edward let out a small chuckle which caught my attention .
" I've never seen a wolf act as if its a house dog " I did a wolfy smile and stuck my tongue out to add to it and moved it in a dog like way which made everyone in the room chuckle I looked back up to jasper ' I can cope because I love you so much I don't care if you smell like rancid meat cause I love you no matter what and I always will ' I took a quick look down at my paw to see it all wrapped so I used all my energy to stand up the bed wobbled underneath me and everyone was alarmed I moved to the edge of the bed and put my front left paw on the ground and used that to get me on the ground I limped around in a circle till I was in front of jasper I hopped half way up on the bed and licked his cheek he grimaced for my he slobber while everyone else laughed I hopped back down and curled up in a ball on th ground but it was only then that I realised the pack were all shifted Sam and jake came towards me jake laid down next to me and started licking my paw in a helping way while Sam licked my head cleaning it . This is why I loved the pack because they all treated me like a sister and the Cullen's do too so looks like I have more family :)


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