I've Been Found

A girl named Katherine has moved out from her abusive parents and has moved in with her best friend Alexis. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert and they both find their "spark?"


3. This Is Going To Be A Long Tour

Katherine’s P.O.V.

This.  Is.  Not.  Happening!  “Alexis are you ok?”  She looked like a stone.  “Um, Alexis.  Alexiiiss?  Anyone home?”  I say waving my hand in the front of her face.  As I start to walk up to her I see a single tear slip down her face.

            “Is this real life?  Am I really going to get to meet the 5 most wonderful people on this earth and go on tour with them?  Please tell me right now Katherine because I feel like I’m dreaming,” she says stunned.

            “It’s 100% real Alex, this is actually happening,” as I was saying this I just came to realization with myself that my best friend and I were the luckiest girls on this earth. “Oh my god Alex.  We are going on tour with One Direction!”  I started to cry and I ran at Alex and hugged her while I started to cry.  This was amazing!  

            I didn’t realize how long we’d been standing there talking about our vacation, we both heard a chorus of “Hello ladies,” we both looked at each other, stood up in sync, and said “Hello,” very shy like and went over to hug the boys.  I of course got the first Horan hug from Niall then hugged Zayn, then Liam, Harry.  And lastly Louis.  I walked over to him sort of quietly and he lifted up his head that was slouched.  He lifted his arms up and pulled me into a huge bear hug like he really needed it and it felt special to me.  “Thank you Louis,”

            “For what?”

            “For choosing me and Alexis for the people to go on tour with you guys.”

            “Don’t worry about it,” he says hugging me from the side and rubbing my shoulder.  I saw Alex and Harry making a conversation and Niall, Liam, and Zayn were; me and Louis were just standing there looking at them until Louis decides to poke me!  “AHHHH!  Louis!”  Of course clumsy me had to fall on her butt.  Everyone was staring for a second then started to laugh and got back to their conversations with each other.  I felt a strong pair of arms behind me that grabbed my waist.  I looked up and saw Louis laughing as he was lifting me up from the floor.  I was so embarrassed!  I flushed a bright red as he was lifting me.  I stood up and started to point my finger at his chest, “Don’t you dare laugh at me Mr. Tomlinson!  You don’t know what’s coming for you the whole tour.”

            He raises his hands in defense and starts to laugh again.  I couldn’t help, but laugh myself.  This was going to be a long tour.

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