I've Been Found

A girl named Katherine has moved out from her abusive parents and has moved in with her best friend Alexis. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert and they both find their "spark?"


1. Planning

Katherine’s P.O.V.

“Oh my god Katherine I can’t wait!”  That girl screaming is my best friend Alexis.  We were going to a One Direction concert and after that we were going to a beach house.  The concert is in Birmingham, England, but the beach house is in San Diego, California!  “I really can’t wait Alexis!”

                        “Me neither!  And I can’t believe we got front row. Front.  Row!  This is the best day ever!  And then we are going to a beach house!  This is amazing!”  I live with Alexis now, because my parents used to abuse me and I ran out and the only person there for me was Alexis.  I love her like a sister.  We both work at Starbucks together and that’s actually how we met. Anyway I am only 5’4” and my favorite member of One Direction is Niall.  I fell in love with him ever since the X Factor.  And I think Alexis is 5’5”?  Well, anyway, her favorite member is Harry.  There is like what, 5 gazillion Directioners.  There is no chance and may I repeat- no chance that I will ever meet One Direction.  If there is ever a time when I meet them it will just be a small wave and they probably won’t even be waving at me.  Me and Alexis were packing at the time for the beach house and putting our suitcases in the car.  Of course we were listening to One Direction.  My favorite song from them is definitely More Than This- I don’t know why, but it feels like they are singing it to me.  We were going to the concert to kick off the summer and then right after the concert we would drive to the airport to leave to California.  It turns out that One Direction is doing the same exact thing!  Right after the concert they are heading to San Diego.  “Hey, Alexis!  Imagine if we saw One Direction’s tour bus on the road?  That would be hilarious you would probably crash.  Haha!” 

            “Don’t even Kat, don’t even.”  We were both laughing.  We were just about done packing and everything packed in the car.  It went surprisingly quick.  We were off to bed for the concert tomorrow! 

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