I Volunter

A girl from district 6 poses as her twin sister to go to the 75th annual hunger games so she doesn't have to go through the pain again. When she's there she fails in love with last years winner andgives him the biggest gift anyone in games could give. Her life.


4. The Reaping

It was the day of the reaping. Me and Marley were getting dressed. Mom had no clue of our plans but I told Marley to tell her after I left. "I can't let you leave. What if you die. Or what if you survive and end up like me. I can't have my sister dead because of me". She said. "Marley, you had to go through something worse then death. And I can't live with my sister dead when I knew I could do something about it." "Well sit down I need to tell you some stuff that could help you" "ok what is it?" I asked. "Hide. Ok and make sure your good at it. And if there is one last person left wait a little while and see if they can die of natural causes. If not your going to have to kill them. I'm sorry but your going to have to. To get home." "ok but what if I" ... I get interrupted by her "no. You won't!" " Marley.." "no your not. Don't say that" "marley if I do. You need to take care of mom. And promise me you'll find someway to stop the games. Once and for all. And I know it's hard. when I'm gone. But I love you. And tell mom I love her too." "we already know" and tears run down both of our cheeks. We hug for what seems like forever and she whispers "thanks for doing this for me". "your my sister, I would do anything for you". 

We go to the reaping and they call Marleys name and I walk up there. Scared of what was gunna happen to me. Well I guess now I can see what all happened to Marley.

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