I Volunter

A girl from district 6 poses as her twin sister to go to the 75th annual hunger games so she doesn't have to go through the pain again. When she's there she fails in love with last years winner andgives him the biggest gift anyone in games could give. Her life.


5. The Parade

They had us dressed in what seemed to be black leather or something. Anyway it was extremely uncomfortable. The guy who came with me was like in his 40s and looked like he came fresh out of jail. so we never really talked. They put us in these charot type things and off we went. All you could hear when we were going was "look at that the girl on fire" I've heard of Katniss. She and that Peeta guy won last year. I don't think anybody else did but I knew. They never really loved each other. They pretended so they could get out alive. Not saying it was dum. It was very smart. I a-plod them. But it looks like Peeta is miserable. He deserves someone who really loves him. Marley made fun of me and accused me of having a crush on him. But he is very cute. Beautiful cute. Anyway they were coming out and I turned back to look at them. Well I wasn't really paying attention to Katniss. I was lost looking at him. I guess I do have feelings for him but there's nothing I could do about it. First of all he is "getting married", and remember only one survived. I only talked to him once cause I asked him where the washroom was at the hall thing. He smiled and said "there should be one in your suite. We're heading there in like a few minutes" I smiled and said "thanks". Oh no Peeta caught me starring. But he smiled at me. I smiled back and looked foreword again. The guy in his 40s noticed and said "you know he's not in to you like that. His wife is right beside him". I felt a little hurt but more embarrassed. "Wife TO BE. And it doesn't look like they will be getting married". "They are the sweet hearts of the huger games. Everyone loves them. You even try and they will bad mouth you" he replied. I guess he was right. Even though how much I like him I got no chance. There's no way Im getting out of this. I knew that.     

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