I Volunter

A girl from district 6 poses as her twin sister to go to the 75th annual hunger games so she doesn't have to go through the pain again. When she's there she fails in love with last years winner andgives him the biggest gift anyone in games could give. Her life.


1. My Damaged Sister

3 years ago my twin sister won the 72nd hunger games. It brought great pride to district 6, but when she came home she was never the same. My sister Marley was always full of love, laughter, and life. But when she came home it was like they drained all that out of her. Marley was mute for the first 3 months of her being home. Then she started saying yes and no when we asked her a question. Then she was just quiet but talking. Now she's finally back to normal, and she's telling us about all what happened in the arena. She said she only killed one person but witnessed many deaths. "Every once in a while. I dreamt about him. Asking me why I killed him. And it will replay and replay an replay me killing him. But I can't stop it. All I do is just scream at myself telling me to stop". I can't believe my sister went through so much pain. I'm just glad it's done. Or so we thought..

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