I Volunter

A girl from district 6 poses as her twin sister to go to the 75th annual hunger games so she doesn't have to go through the pain again. When she's there she fails in love with last years winner andgives him the biggest gift anyone in games could give. Her life.


3. I Volunter

The next thing I knew. Marley was screaming. She threw the coffe table at the wall and ran outside. I looked at mom and she dropped the plate she was washing and starred at the TV. Her eyes full of depression and hatred.  I ran after Marley outside who was still screaming. I found her on the ground hands covering her ears, and was now crying at the top of her lungs. I knelt down beside her. The cold snow soaked the skirt of my dress. "Marley! Marley! Please look at me! Please Marley!". She looked up at me with a red puffy face and tears running down her face. Just seeing her mad me cry. "What did I tell you? In house. What did I tell you?" I asked sniffling. She grabbed me in a bear hug and cried louder. Forcing me to talk louder too. "I promised you that your not going back. That I wouldn't let it happen. Remember?". She looked at me and cried, "What can you do Skylar? Really what can you do? It's not your choice if I go or not. o. It's those ass holes!! They just want to torture everyone!! There heartless!!". "I promised you that you won't go back and I'm going to keep that promise" I said to her. "How?". She asked. "Well now I guess we can use this Identical twin thing to good use".

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