I've seen a lot of mistakes/errors in writing here on Movellas, and I know movellas like this have been created, but I thought that I'd make one to help. Basically, I will just post different tips to help you improve your writing! Enjoy and please let me know if you feel differently about something or if you have a question.


1. Edit, edit, edit!

This addition will be all about editing. The Number One thing you need to know about editing is that it must be done. If you publish or post or turn in some piece of writing that has not been edited, chances are that you have made many errors. 

On Movellas, I notice a lot of books that would be tons better if they were edited. Most mistakes are minor and can be easily fixed, but people don't edit, so they don't see the mistakes! To help show what I mean by "edit, edit, edit!", I will give a sample paragraph and point out everything that should be changed in the editing process.

Here it is:


mr. Adamsky gave me a look, This makes me fell wired Because I knew that i had done my paper correctly.he leened over the desk an showed me m essay. i had to squeak my eyes because it was so farr away. THe paper shakes over the the desk. creting creepyshadows.


What? Do you have any idea what happened there? I sure don't. This is because of editing. If this was a real piece of work, you would know that the author did not edit. Yes, this is extremely exaggerated and you probably won't find anything with that many errors in such a small space anywhere around, but I think it proves my point. 

What it really should have looked like is:


Mr. Adamsky gave me a look. This made me feel weird because I knew that I had done my paper correctly. He leaned over the desk and showed me my essay. I had to squint my eyes because it was so far away. The paper shook over the desk, creating creepy shadows.


Does that look better? Go back and read the first, unedited paragraph and compare it to the new one. Do you see everything that was changed? I hope so. 

So that concludes rule Number One. 

1. Never post anything or turn in anything that is not edited. Edit, edit, edit!



P.S. please let me know if I did something wrong, you have a request, or you have a question! I would be happy to help!



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