Wesley Wolf was no ordinary boy. He didn't have many friends, and those he did have, he kept close. But when he was crossed by his friends he went apsolutly insane. People out of his family, even the innocent that got in his way were gunna pay. Because not only did he follow his last name acting like a 'wolf', he also follows the rule he belives the name means. 'Wesley Woof Only Loves Family'. Now although his family wrre safe, was he safe however, from his family.


2. The Accident

It's was a sunday morning. Wesley's alarm clock went off at 6:00 as it always did every day. Wesley groaned as he turned it off. He then got straight up out of bed, and began gettijg ready for work. From downstairs he could smell bacon cooking. He pulled on an already buttoned shirt, and then adjusted his tie. His mum called from downstairs as he was putting his trousers on, causing him to fall over as he lost balence, smashing his head against th corner of hid bed-side table. Wesley moaned in pain as his dad rushed in to assist him. "oh my god son are you alright?!" As blood dripped down into Wesleys eye he said drousily "I'm fine dad. I'd better get going, otherwise I will be late for work". Wesley tried to get up, but hid dad wouldn't let him. "Oh no you don't. Your really hurt, your bumping up bad. Charrlote! Get the car ready, were going to the hospital!" Wesley's mum ran up the stairs shouting "is Wesley ok?!" She saw her son on the floor, his face covered in blood, and quickly ran back out of the door and down the stairs to saught out the car. Wesley said sleepily "can you at least call work to tell them I'm coming in late dad". Wesleys dad said reasuringly "I will ring them in the car, but for now, hold onto me, I've got to get you to the hospital". Wesley held onto his dad as he was helped to his feet, they slowly headed down the stairs to the car outside.

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