Wesley Wolf was no ordinary boy. He didn't have many friends, and those he did have, he kept close. But when he was crossed by his friends he went apsolutly insane. People out of his family, even the innocent that got in his way were gunna pay. Because not only did he follow his last name acting like a 'wolf', he also follows the rule he belives the name means. 'Wesley Woof Only Loves Family'. Now although his family wrre safe, was he safe however, from his family.


1. A Simple Boy

Wesley Wolf was just an ordinary boy. Apart from being quiet, unpopular, and a total geek, he was actually pretty good looking. He had blonde spiky hair  and green eyes. He wore glasses as well. Now he only needed glasses to read, but he felt smart when he had them on, so he wore them all the time. He was was always reading comics. Theres was always a good guy, and a bad guy. The bad guy would almost win sometimes, but never did he actually win. When it came down to it, it was always the good guy that got the girl, and the recognition, while the bad guy was chucked in a cell to rot. Now Wesley thought from both perspectives. He was never bad, yet he felt as lonely as the bad guys do. He was always good, top of his class, helpful to teachers, doing all his chores, and remained loyal to the little friends he had. But no matter how good he was, when it came down to it, he was still bullied, pushed around, and laughed at. All he wanted was to be respected.

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