Anyone Can Change

A girl called Ruby Herring has always ben in with the wrong crowd. She has been disowned by her family, and only her crazy younger brother sticks by her, beliving she will one day change. After being sentanced to jail for 5 years for the 3rd time, Ruby realizes she is not happy quith her life. She decides to change her life for the better. As soon as she gout out of jail she got to writing a list of all the people she had ever wronged. It was just her brother Dave at her side as she began to slowly try and tick off the people she ever wronged from her never-ending list of regret.


2. Leaving Prison

It was the day of my release from prison. As I sat around waiting for my brother Dave to come get me, I read over my list for the 20th time. I had never been more serious about something in my entire life. I had finally planned to do something with my life, rather than just going ahead and making a big mistake. I was surprised infact that I could still write quite well. It had been a long time I had wrote spmething creative and purposeful, rather than that time I graffitied the work 'penis' on a church wall. I was not very proud about that. Thinking about it now filled me with such regret. A aimless act of descrimination on a place of worship. As I began to feel really bad, my thoughts were interupted by the sound of my brother talking to the prison guard. As soon as Dave saw me, he seemed so happy. When we got outside I got into my brothers car and said with a smile "you want to go get icecream?" Dave looked shocked as his mouth hung open making him look so dumb. He said all excited "really? You really mean we can go get icecream?" I said with laugh "yeah sure thing bro". Dave said in a huff "you's laughing at me again, like you done before, because I's dumb you say".  I felt bad remembering how much I had hurt my brother in the past, when all he ever wanted to do was help me. "I'm sorry, let's go fet icecream, I will talk to you on the way there".

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