Anyone Can Change

A girl called Ruby Herring has always ben in with the wrong crowd. She has been disowned by her family, and only her crazy younger brother sticks by her, beliving she will one day change. After being sentanced to jail for 5 years for the 3rd time, Ruby realizes she is not happy quith her life. She decides to change her life for the better. As soon as she gout out of jail she got to writing a list of all the people she had ever wronged. It was just her brother Dave at her side as she began to slowly try and tick off the people she ever wronged from her never-ending list of regret.


1. Prologue

I have always been the bad girl. I have robbed shops, stolen from friends, cheated on my boyfriend, and basically done anything bad you can thinkbof. My problem was I ran into the wrong crowd. I have been in jail 3 times now, and one day., whilr I sat around in the musty old jail cell, I got to thinking. Nobody cared about me anymore. I had lost all my friends, and even my mum and dad had disowned their own daughter. I was hated by everyone, and nearly everyone in town wanted me dead and gone. I say nearly everyone, because only one person stood by me this whole time. My yonger brother Dave. He was thr only one who belived I could change. One day in that jail cell, I decided Dave was right. I could change, I could right all my wrongs, and become a better person. I finally decided to make my life better, by having the satisfaction that I was resotring the love and trust of those I had crossed in the past. I requested a pen and paper from the prison guard, and got to writing a never ending list of all the people I had to make it up to.


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