Stuck In The Hunger Games

What would you do if you were at one minute reading 'the hunger games', and then the next thing you know, you are transported into the middle of the hunger games. This is what happened to Jessica Rattey. An ordinary 16 year old girl, not very popular, but she loved a good adventure. One minute she is sat all by herself, indulged in a good read, the next minute she is the read. She has to survive till the end of the game.


4. Checking Equipment

"What weapon did you get?" Katniss asked.

"Bow and arrow" Jessica answered immediatly as she held it out to show her.

"Oh great! Lucky for some! I only got a stupid little knife! Do you even know how to shoot that thing book worm?!" Katniss yelled crossly.

Jessica looked outraged at Katniss as she set up the bow and arrow, shooting it so it just missed Katniss's head.

Katniss looked amazed as she said "not bad! Not bad at all! For a book worm".

Jessica beamed proudly at the first compliment Katniss had given her. Katniss had to go ahead and ruin Jessica's pride though by saying jokily "not as good as me though". Jessica knew this was true as she had read the book, and watched the film. She had already seen Katniss use a bow ans arrow, a great many times in the past.

Katniss looked suddenly at the bag Jessica had on her back. She said "have you checked the contents of that thing yet?"

"What thing?" Jessica asked looking rather confused.

Katniss said aloud all stressy "the rucksack your carrying! Duh!"

"Oh yeah!" Jessica said excitedly as she shrugged it off of her back, dropping it on the floor before Katniss.

"Check it then!" Katniss said impatiently.

"I thought you wanted to" Jessica said politely.

"You got the bag, so it's yours" Katniss said maturly.

Jessica struggled to unzip the bag due to the fact that the zip had rusted. Katniss said crossly "out of the way pipsqeak!" She also couldn't get it open, so she yelled with rage, stabing the bag with her sharp knife, slashing a hole in the fabric, causing Jessica to gulp nervously. Jessica thanked Katniss and began to empty the contents of the bag on the floor. It contained a thin black sleeping bag that can reflect body heat, a bottle of iodine, box of wooden matches, night vision glasses, an empty water bottle, a bit of coiled wire, a pack of dried beef, and a pack of crackers.

"What does your backpack contain?" Jessica asked with interest.

Katniss said with a sigh "same as yours, except for this knife someone threw at me at the begining of the games". Katniss held her knife up menacingly. Katniss looked rather shocked at Jessica's backpack. "Our backpacks are quite bright orange arn't they". Katniss said with worry. Jessica nodded in agreement as she said slightly worried "we will be seen easily with these on". Katniss suddenly shouted as an idea came to her. "We could camoflage them!" Jessica said with a sigh "yeah, but how?" Katniss took her backpack off, dropping it hard on the floor. She then fell down on her hands and knees picking up a bit of mud. With her muddy hands, she got up and said proudly "with this".


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