Stuck In The Hunger Games

What would you do if you were at one minute reading 'the hunger games', and then the next thing you know, you are transported into the middle of the hunger games. This is what happened to Jessica Rattey. An ordinary 16 year old girl, not very popular, but she loved a good adventure. One minute she is sat all by herself, indulged in a good read, the next minute she is the read. She has to survive till the end of the game.


1. An Interesting Read

Ever heard of really getting into a good read? Reading a book as if your the character... Well Jessica Rattey was always reading. She was book obsessed. Books were her only friends. She would read books everyday, whenever she could find the time to. She never went out to play like all class mates did. Her daily adventure was within the pages of a book. Enjoy school, why go to school when you can skive a day to read about the magical school called Hogwarts.Why be a student, when you could be a witch like Hermione. Whats the point in playing with friends, and going on adventures when you can have an amazing adventure all alone in the comfort of your own room. In a book you can do anything, be anything! Forget going on date with a guy who fancys you, when you can read a romantic novel that will never break your heart. Forget watching the skies, aliens will never come until you read an alien based novel. But if you truly want a good read,  adventure, romance, and a thrill built in. Then there is The Hunger Games!

Jessica was in the middle of reading the Hunger Games on a Monday morning when it happened. She had just got to the good bit when the games began, when a blue vortex splurted out from between the pages of th book. Jessica screamed in panic as she was sucked into a whirl of a white tornado, with letters and words floating around her. Before she knew it she was stood in a large open field. She was being ran at by many aggressive looking teenagers. Jessica just managed to dodge as an arrow flew past her head. She was glued to the spot in shock as she heard some people shouting to each other about her.


"How did that girl get there before all of us?!"

"Did that girl just apper out of thin air?!"

"Let's get her!!!!"

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