London Girls

Three sisters that are best friends go to London for the summer. While they are there they meet 5 boys who change their life. They spend more and more time with them until they become more than friends. Eventually all the boys become close enough to be sibling with the girls and vise versa.


2. Swimming

" you gonna go for a swim?" One of the boys asked me. " ya I don't just go around London in a bikini and a coverup!" I joked back. They laughed and then the elevator opened up. The one boy put his hand out and I stepped out of the elevator. I felt like I needed to know their names so I asked " hey what are your names, mine is Zoe?" They answered that the tall one was Alex the short one was Jacob and the curly haired one was Colson. They seemed like really nice guys but they weren't my type if you thought they were. We all went swimming together an got to know eachother better. When I finished swimming I went out and found a clean towel that I layed out on a lawn chair and lied down on. I was just tanning myself when Alex came over and sat down right next to me blocking the sun. " move you are blocking the sun." I said kind of annoyed I mean even though i had naturally olive skin and was tan already doesn't mean a boy should block the sun from me. I was having a really nice time and we were showing eachother our crazy jumps for getting in the pool. We were all laughing really hard and then my phone that was on the lawn chair started ringing. I told them I had to go answer my phone so they quieted down. I went to go answer my phone and noticed that Sophia was calling me. " hi Zoe its Sophia" she said when I picked up. " hi and I know who you are stupid." "ok anyway Christy and I are ordering lunch and we want you here." "ok I will come up in a minute can you order for me?" "ya sure what do you want?" "I will have the chicken parmesan if they have it." " ok see you in a bit" "bye" I went to go tell the boys that I had to go, they seemed pretty upset. I was too but maybe i'll see them around sometime. I really hope I do because they seem like pretty good friends. I dried off and ran into the elevator. This time it was completely empty. I liked elevators better empty cause its so much easier to just let loose than when you are with a bunch of young or old people. The elevator stopped meaning I was now on my floor and the doors opened. I ran out and ran to my room. I got my key out of a little bag I have just for credit cards and hotel keys. I unlocked the door and stepped inside. As I walked inside I smelled my chicken parmesan. it smelled so good and I wanted to eat it right away. I was so hungry! Sophia told me that it was still to hot to eat so we watched tv for about 15 min while waiting for it to cool. We ate lunch and then just took a long nap until dinner time.  We went out to eat for dinner at a nice little restaurant called PoshPosh. It was an Italian place that had very authentic Italian foods. I ordered spaghetti with homemade meatball sauce and an Italian red wine called Chianti. Sophia ordered eggplant parmesan with homemade garlic bread. She also had a Chianti. Christy had lobster ravioli with seasoned green beans on the side. Since she was too young to drink, she ordered a Shirley Temple. We finished our nice dinner and headed back to our hotel.

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