London Girls

Three sisters that are best friends go to London for the summer. While they are there they meet 5 boys who change their life. They spend more and more time with them until they become more than friends. Eventually all the boys become close enough to be sibling with the girls and vise versa.


3. Sight Seeing

Sophia's pov

We decided that for the next week or so we would go sight-seeing. I'm really into learning about new things so I would like to go to many museums but Zoe just wants to go around London and Christy wants to watch football (soccer in USA) games live and on tv. Since we can't agree I think we should just compromise. First we will go around London because we came for Zoe's birthday so we must do what she wants first. Then we will go to museums and I will take notes to share with my parents about what we've learned. My mom and us three girls are very close and I like it that way. My mom was young when she had me so we are closer in age than most children and parents. Then when we finished all our sight-seeing and museums then we can go to football games because that is part of people's everyday things around here. So we got ready this morning and we are heading towards Big Ben. It is so beautiful I just cant believe it!


Zoe's pov

I really have been wanting to go to London since I went to Stratford, Ontario in Canada when I was 12. For some reason it just reminded me of London even though I've never been here before. I have wanted to take a Ferris Wheel up on the top and look at everything, all of the city, the landmarks and just the busy people walking on the street. It just seemed so magical. I know I'm over reacting but if you have wanted to go to this same place almost half your life, you would feel this way too. We walked to Big Ben. I was so excited this has been my dream since like forever. " cmon guys you are walking so slow!" I couldn't get there fast enough. " geez girl rushing or what!?" Laughed Christy. " ya we need to get there fast Ive wanted to see this my almost half my life."

Christys pov

Geez she's way too excited. I mean like I wanted to come with my sisters but I didn't think it would be like this. I really just want to let loose. Going sight seeing is fun just not really my thing. I prefer to just sit back relax and watch sports. I'm really looking forward to meeting some boys. The boys in America just aren't cute and I've been single for my whole life. I need to get out more. Well we are going to be here for a whole summer, maybe I'll meet some boys. Speaking of boys there were five boys walking down the street with hoods and sunglasses on. They looked hilarious considering it was dark and cloudy outside. I decided to join in on Zoe's and Sophia's conversation. We were all laughing and talking about our favorite hair styles. We talk about random stuff all the time. All of a sudden I bump into one of those boys. " oh excuse me I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you. I wasn't looking where I was going I really didn't mean to." " hey it's fine, what's your name?" The boy replied. " Christy, yours?" " Liam, nice to meet you are you from America?" " ya my sisters and I are here from the America we are sight seeing for the first couple weeks or however long it takes then we are going to museums and finally we will do normal things like go to football or soccer games and shopping." " sounds fun would you like me and my mates to help show you around?" " sounds great to me as long as it's ok with-" " Christy come on hurry up" shouted Zoe. " sorry that was my sister Zoe it's her birthday we are her for and she really wants to see Big Ben." " that's fine why don't we just come along with you, we could surprise her?" " that sounds exciting she loves One Direction but don't worry she's not gonna get you guys noticed but you are doing good by the way." " haha thanks." " let's go!" We walked or ran to catch up with Sophia and Zoe. The other boys followed us.

Liam's pov

Wow I bumped into the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I wonder what she was doing all alone. She seemed to have an American accent. I asked her if I could help show her and her sisters around when I found out she had two sisters. We ran to catch up with them and when they saw us their mouths dropped open wide.

Sophia's pov

Oh my god! Christy brought One Direction to give us a tour of the city. What was she thinking? I love them and I have wanted to meet them but now that it's happening I don't know if I can take it. I smiled and put my hand out. " hi my name is Sophia nice to meet you" " hello Sophia I'm Zayn" " cool so where's the first place we are going?" " well wherever you're headed I guess" " Big Ben it is then haha" " ok let's go" and he linked his arm in mine and we skipped off laughing. It was so fun maybe this will be a better trip than I thought. I wasn't even coming here to get a boyfriend but I knew that if I did get one I'd be very happy.

Zoe's pov

Here I am talking to Louis the day before my birthday. What could get any better?!? " hello Louis I'm Zoe nice to meet you." I said after he introduced himself. I didn't scream or anything because they are just normal people that have amazing voices and are super hot and they just happened to go on X Factor and get out into a band together. He is talking to me about London and what people usually do. I guess this topic would be more interesting for Christy but it's fun for me too. We walked to Big Ben. We got close enough that it wasn't too close or too far. We looked and admired it and took some pictures. I couldn't wait to show my parents all these fun pictures. Louis asked me if I wanted to take a picture with One Direction. I said yes and they all came close to me for the picture. We out our arms around eachother in a picture pose then we did a silly one where I was being held by the guys laying across their arms and cupping my face with the back of my hand. Then I switched places with my sisters and finally when we all were done we asked a stranger to take a picture with all of us in it. We walked to a place to get a taxi and took one. " where are we going?" " London Bridge please" I replied politely to the taxi driver. He took us to the London Bridge and we payed him then got out. We walked up and down the bridge and took lots of pictures there too. " why don't we go for dinner like the all of us and we could exchange numbers?" Offered Niall. " that's a great idea why don't we, what's the best place around here, we already tried an Italian place but I want something else now." Spoke Sophia.

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