London Girls

Three sisters that are best friends go to London for the summer. While they are there they meet 5 boys who change their life. They spend more and more time with them until they become more than friends. Eventually all the boys become close enough to be sibling with the girls and vise versa.


5. Later That Night

When we got back to the hotel, I couldn't wait any longer to tell my sisters about what happened between Louis and I. It was just so exciting and kind-of unexpected. "so girlies I have some big news to tell you." I said while smiling big. "You're pregnant?" asked Christy jokingly. "No of course not, Louis asked me on a date tomorrow night." " Omg that's amazing, I'm so happy for you Zo!" "Ya so I was hoping you guys could help me find something to wear. He said it's fancy!" "Yes of course Zoe but we should go shopping so it's something special. It's not everyday that you get asked out in a date by a superstar!" "Right so tomorrow around noon we can go out for linch and them shopping." I replied to Sophia. I couldn't believe that he actually asked me out on a date. He even told me that he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend later when he got to know me better.

Sophia's pov

She is always the one that gets the good luck. I'm sure that Zayn doesn't even like me. Maybe Christy is feeling the same way. I wish I could be more supportive of her but I think this shopping and lunch will be nice. Tomorrow we are going sight seeing with the boys after my sisters and I go shopping. This summer is crazy. We came to just hang out with eachother but we the first day we met wonderful boys that became our tour guides and close friends.

Christys pov

I'm so happy for Zoe but sometimes I wish she could share her good luck with me and Sophia. I wish Liam knew how I felt about him. I listened to Sophia's and Zoe's conversation about going out for lunch and shopping tomorrow. "Am I coming?" "Yes of course Christy you think we would leave you out of this!?" "Good I have some good style for you. I'm gonna go to bed now I'm getting tired." It was after ten anyway. I got my phone and plugged in my earbuds. I got my pajamas and toothbrush and toothpaste. I brushed my teeth and changed and then came out and started listening to pandora. My pajamas were really cute. They were white with light purple horizontal stripes and a matching tank top. We all had matching pajamas in different colors. Zoe's were hot pink and Sophia's were lime green.

Louis's pov

Wow, I can't believe what I just did. She probably thought I was really desperate to have asked her on a date the night we met but what can I say. I believe in love at first sight. I think she does too because she said yes. When I told the boys they were all really happy with me and asked me if I was really sure about this. I told them I was and that I was going to sleep. I got in bed and fell asleep immediately. I was very happy with my choice. We would make a good couple if she says yes when I ask her to be my girlfriend when I take her on a few more dates.

Zoe's pov

The next day I started getting ready for my shopping spree with my sisters. I think we are goin to have a lot of fun! "Wake up sleepy heads!" I screamed. "Ahh what was that for?" "Our shopping spree today." "Oh ya I'm up." Replied Christy.

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