Rebellious Rebellious Veronica

- "Just tell me what I have to do. Just tell me. Please! I-- I don't know... I don't remember anything! None of this nonsense you guys are making me believe.
Maybe, I don't know the rights and wrongs as I think I do right now. I'm begging you, just please tell me, guide me or something! Give me directions. I can't do this on my own."
"Believing what's right isn't enough Vera. You have to remember. Because if you don't, no one will or can tolerate a fake act."



PART II Preface

What seemed like hours and days passed as minutes. I was burning like hell. I sweated and sweated, by body soaking. I searched for air... And I was slapped a moist mist in my face. Humid. Not what I was wishing for. I shook and turned around. Turning and only turning. I screamed my head off, it even frightened me. My chest never stopped exploding. Like it was The Threat to me.

My organs only consisted of rotten humid blood. If, I still had one...

Rain came. Thunder came. Lightning hit all the trees surrounding me.

There were times when the fire chased me. And I felt cool towels wiping off my sweat on my forehead and neck. And there were times I almost froze alive because it was so extremely cold. I assume my nights are colder than my mornings. Of course it is! Well, atleast I still have my sarcasm.

As I rolled over the clouds, blankets twisted in my legs, a blanket half soaked with my sweat and saliva, a pair of cold rough hands touched my skin. And for a moment that was all to draw me back to reality...

I sighted and gave a moan.

Before, I turned on again.

I turned on like the lighting bolt in the skies, frightening everyone. I might even make this house fall down on my knees... Not willingly.

Eternity passed on, and I used to think I would live it in total bliss. Rain drops shattered the window far from my bed. They hit the tiny glass with the same and much power as the last, I wonder how the windows are not cracked or worse broken yet.

If I could only cry like that... Ohhhh.

The candle by my nightstand had no use or effect. Or I just couldn't tell as it melted itself. And the yellow shining lightbulb above me shined the whole room, but it hurt my eyes.

I could only just make out the same appearance again... I squinted my eyes and I heard a retarded laugh escape through his closed mouth.

He stood leaning on the doorway with his shoulder. Slagging at this moment of discomfort to me. His plain black arm-cut shirt showed a long days work. And his long and faded baggy black jeans only meant he was a farmer.

A farmer of my century was like a cowboy of the twentieth century. His smile widen again and my brain widened then cracked in response as I thought that he knew what I had just though about.

Again, his face wasn't registered in my system.

I guees that this is just some kind of thing every Angel goes through before entering heaven. Or we already have and the height has only made us sick or the high winds…

Maybe I was in heaven before that trap thing. Since I see the same Angel now. Twice. Is he the Angel assigned to have taken care of me and lead me to heaven? Because, he seems like a far too dangerous and mean and trouble causing Angel. One not having loyalty enough, for he hasn't done his job in keeping me safe. Look what's happened to me! It's like I caught the flu!

And then the whole cycle repeats itself. From fire chasing me to coldness and freezing ice flakes, then to thoughts and this deceiving Angel.

I die, again and again, when I try to concentrate on the words I hear.

I die. Like each time a mockingbird or jaybird sings it's hymn.

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