Rebellious Rebellious Veronica

- "Just tell me what I have to do. Just tell me. Please! I-- I don't know... I don't remember anything! None of this nonsense you guys are making me believe.
Maybe, I don't know the rights and wrongs as I think I do right now. I'm begging you, just please tell me, guide me or something! Give me directions. I can't do this on my own."
"Believing what's right isn't enough Vera. You have to remember. Because if you don't, no one will or can tolerate a fake act."


12. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

When my eyes flutter open, I have those few small bits of moments that you have in the morning when you first wake up. And you have no idea about anything nor who you are, as you stare up at the ceiling. But, they are the most smallest of moments there ever is that you can have.

In three seconds I wonder how long I have been lying here. And in the next quarter of a second I ask myself Where am I? And the next six seconds are composed of blood rushing questions, turning my sensitive brain upside down.

Maybe it has been some quarters of an hour or perhaps some more chunks of hours. The sky is still the same color. Limitless. Deep dark blue, moonless and almost starless. It doesn't feel like past midnight.

A picture of the city at this time of night flashes through my eyes when I blink. Street lights and lamps, stores and restaurants. Theaters and old people. Street performers, which are usually the citizens and we don't have many. Just less than ten percent of our population. Seven percent.

I feel a tear in my cheek and I don't even remember when I decided to cry, ­or when the cry itself formed in my eyes. I wipe it away as I hear a sound... ­A voice. I get up and search around with my eyes. It's far away. But, probably a mile. It's... A dog... barking.

Again. AGAIN.

I'm more conscious now, and my heart starts to live again. Proof that I'm alive at least. As my ears focus as well as my eyes, a man's voice comes clear through the shadows.

"Veronica!" It calls.

They're looking for me. Oh, I am finally saved! And this will all just be some funny incident that we will all laugh at in a month, after all the lectures, of course.

I stand up, hitting a branch and looking down, my dirty and muddy leg bursts a pale moon. I am terrified. It's looks like those kinds of bloods you see in vampire movieasa's. I have never seen this much blood get out of me before, only when I donate or have blood tests in the special hospital once every year or so.

I look down to the itchy feeling in my leg. There's something red on them. Oh, oH... It's blood and it makes me sooo dizzy, I may as well just get back down and collapse again. My chest gets heavy and it looks gross. It also stinks. Rotting and old dried blood. I probably had my leg injured when I was running... And too busy to have felt it or noticed it, I guess.

I scowl at myself, and lower down to inspectigate further. Eww... The vine that caused this is stuck in my leg. Oh, no. I don't want to take it out now, because I know I will whine and wince and definitely go black again. I gasp for air. Lack of blood makes me dizzy, but I push. No, my enthusiasm pushes me. My chest and lungs and ribs function with delight and the feeling of being home again and with joy and... A high spirit of life.

But, then the police dog barks high up again, as if it's forced and every yell is ripping his throat apart. Like someone is pouring liquid acid down its heavy tongue. He roars on and on.

I wish I can roar all I want and in the volume again. And I no longer want to be discovered. I am no child. For Gods sake I am fifteen and half years old. If I go back, mother will surly freak out at me, and yell and yell on and on. Limitless. They might not even want me. And when I face my mother, I will regret surrendering and will wish so badly to be back here. I am no child. And I will not surrender. I will be brave.

This isn't being selfish. I'm not going home just for the sake of not being mistreated and treated like a little dog. No, I refuse to surrender and go home and be pet played by the Search Party. I refuse to surrender because, I new kind of fire is burning inside of me. I feel stronger, somehow. It's insane. But, I guess a little of blood out me exposed me to my true nature. My own nature. Or maybe, this blood exposement is the blame, ­if I'm picking it up wrong. I give a sight. I look around, wide eyed, then my neck tilts up. The Search Party is getting closer by the moment.

I can't say that weakness, the sudden panic didn't control me..

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