Rebellious Rebellious Veronica

- "Just tell me what I have to do. Just tell me. Please! I-- I don't know... I don't remember anything! None of this nonsense you guys are making me believe.
Maybe, I don't know the rights and wrongs as I think I do right now. I'm begging you, just please tell me, guide me or something! Give me directions. I can't do this on my own."
"Believing what's right isn't enough Vera. You have to remember. Because if you don't, no one will or can tolerate a fake act."


13. Chapter 8 (con'd)

I start to climb one of the trees improvisingly.

If I fall, I will definitely break a bone, maybe a couple. If I fall down side ways my wide hip bones might break or scratch. If I fall backwards my spine will break. And if I fall face and stomach down my knees will be very harshly injured.

A small laugh escapes me when I think about landing feet-first down like a hero. But, I'm no hero. I'm a women. That small second laugh turns into a heavy quiet sob. I wave it away and breath deeply. My chest gets so tense it hurts.

I look down and thank God my clothing is appropriate. My blue dress is a day dress that goes down just below my knees and flats. At least I'm not wearing flip-flops or sandals, or one of those painful wide dinner dresses with forced corsets.

I pull my hair back, and finally push myself up. To above all the world. To above all my problems. As I hold the tree with my fingertips and both legs looping around it I move up. Whatever I do... Whatever little courage I have, it is by determination. A strong and powerful one. I smile as I move. And think soon I will be above everything. When I should be thinking about how I'm going to fall and die.

I have always been underneath. I have always been beneath and in the midst of winds and leaves and hurricanes. Now, I will be above. As if I can nourish them all by myself with no help. I can finally take care of me. I can finally be me. I'm on my own now.

I reach a branch that's too low to the ground and push myself further up. Two more branches. I look down. Three. Four. Still not enough. Five. Six. I decide that the seventh branch is okay, because my fingers can't hold it any longer.

I have to check if this branch is safe enough first though. I push to my right, as my feet are on the thick, hard, and strong-looking branch I release my arms and fingers from the tree, one by one. It takes a lot of courage.

But, I make it. I stand there, perfectly still. I gulp as I take the next step, I am very good at being balanced but, this is... Something different. My arms reach outward from me to my sides, my feet goes in front of the other. I take two more steps and then lower myself. This branch is safe. And strong.

I don't regret anymore.

I sigh as my legs fall beneath me and I am once again like riding a horse. I miss Louisiana. I push back my home thoughts, as I realize that I am being hunted down and bend my knees up in my chest. I cover my face in my knees, arms covering them, as the cold comes back again. Camouflaging with the night. I was sweating with heat climbing up, but now that my heart rate has lowered it's all fading quickly.

The Search Party is nearer than ever now. And I realize there are a lot of them. And each member must have at least one dog. I automatically count the different voices around me. Eight.

"Lady Veronica!"

"Where are you?"

"We've come to help!"

"Where are you, Lady Veronica?"


They all yell.




I am not going to count the dogs. For they all sound the same to me. Like robots, but they still have their own natural appearances; soft fur and skin, being monitored with devices inside them. I shake the though away. Besides, too much math when my head is throbbing.

One big muscular and dark haired guy, so dark that it shines in the midst of darkness itself, comes running down my left. Being dragged by my his wildly and scarily enormous dog. Their dogs might have just scared me if I wanted them to find me. And I would have crouched away from it and hidden. They should really have a better searching system... Or a better and different kind of service... That involves another creature that looks at least a little bit more favorable. Like the adorable rabbit-dogs.

The big guy caries a torch that shines his way so bright, that someone could get tricked for it to be the moon, but he still struggles running and slams his legs in many dark places. I guess I did too.

"Come on big boy. Come on." He says breathlessly. And I realize he's talking with his dog. Well, I should have thought, of course they're buddies. And they love each other; just like close friends.

"Where is that basta-" A few others come, clearly annoyed. I bet they have always caught their victims. With exception. Me. I wonder if they're going to let this happen and be said all over in their history...

"This is impossible." A smaller guy says, but he has a harder voice.

"There is no where else she could have went." The big guy says.

"The dogs already have her scent but, why haven't we found her yer!?! Damn it." The small guy says. So the dogs know what I smell like. Well, besides the fact that I definitely don't smell like I usually do, they're pretty good.

"Calm down Eric, we'll find her. Temper doesn't help at all." The big guy says. He is big and might be more scary but, he definitely has a bigger heart.

"Do you think she found out?" A female voice says, coming a little down way.

Found out what???

"Oh, no." The big guys says smiling, but involuntarily pausing a moment to think about it, his face turns from not convinced to shock.

"Than..." Eric says looking down and scratching his neck. "Huh-?" He's voice sounds somehow pained, looking up.

"Ha ha." Another childish voice appears. "You guys really need to stop reading those fantasy books and watching them movies." And he breaks the tension just like that, tousling Eric's hair.

They walk down again, continuing on their task. I haven't been breathing for at least two minutes now. Even after they leave it still takes time for me to recover and get enough oxygen in me. I inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale. My breathing is so loud, the ants would be scared away.

I believe that I'm finally safe. I look in front of me. And I'm alone. All but the darkness remains.

I do not know what will happen of me tomorrow. I might die during the night or get captured by the Search Party. Or some Piratees might actually exist in these lands...

Well, should I say my farewells now then? But, the precious girl doesn't have any. Can you believe it? Because I can. And can't at the same time.

I blink. Not wide or conscious at all. It's midways open anyway. I blink once more, but they don't open. The stay closed. And I drift off again. Too worn out for anything else. No more thoughts, I wont even break out.

I drift away. And my eyes stay shut. Dreaming of a distant place now...

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