Electric Night

About a girl competing with the uncontrollable for her freedom.


4. Chapter Four

As I wake myself in the haze of my thoughts, I find myself in an all-white room. I look down and discover a white table with a cup of very-black coffee. The walls and ceilings are very bright, because the light reflects off of every surface. It seems like it has no windows or doors in the room, but soon enough a man opens what seems to be the wall, wearing all white and dark glasses. I am sitting on a bright white couch. He comes in and sits next to me.

            He sits there silently for about two minutes. I stare around the room, squinting. He sits there calmly, like he’s waiting for me to say something. He looks over at me through his dark sunglasses like he wants me to realize something.

            He finally opens his mouth and says, “Hello 3879. Are you looking for something?” “Not necessarily, no.” I say this in a quiet voice, for I am afraid. “Oh, okay.” He said it in a snobby voice. “Is there something for me to find?” I say this in an even more timid voice than before. “I do not know.” He has very deep voice. “Is there anything you’re looking for?”

            I had to think about this for a while. What really am I looking for? One thing I could say I’m looking for is justification. Am I even right about this gap I happen to be looking for? Is what I’m doing even close to getting out of hell? And what am I looking for? Well, I can say I’m looking for a hint, or an answer.

            He still has his head tuned towards me, as if waiting for an answer. I say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I got distracted.” He looks at me over his glasses, when I finally notice he has one blue eye and one green. The gap. The mistake. “I’ve found the mistake!” I yell into the white room. The man gives me a funny look as if I’ve done something wrong.

            All of the sudden, everything pauses for a few seconds. I hear a voice come through the room. He says, “Congratulations Scarlett. You’ve made it to the Real World.” I didn’t reply, specifically because I didn’t know the comment was directed to me. I smile, finally realizing. “Scarlett’s my name?” “Yes. It fits you. Adventurous, rebellious.” “Thank you.” I say with a sigh of relief.  “No, thank you.” He finishes his sentence and then he and I head off into the Real World. A world unknown.


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