The Douchebag (ON HOLD)

When Taylor Aberdeen discovered that she was finally meeting her idol,the one and only Justin Drew Bieber she thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world,but when the special day comes and she realises that Justin's not what he seems,she tries anything she can to try and get Justin to realise he's fake and lies to all of his fans over what he really is.Justin finally notices Taylor's tweets and dm's and apologies,he makes a deal with her and decides to take Taylor out for the day with just him,no cameras.the real him,he just wants to show her that he really is the heart warming teenage boy he portrays,but they soon start to hang around more and more,and they start to develop feelings for each other,but things soon turn into a bumpy ride on the way.


4. Twitter Talks


Taylor's POV:  

I ran into my bedroom and immediately collapsed on the bed burying my head into my fluffy pillow.  

How could Justin treat one of his beliebers like that?  


I sniffed and ignored the knocks on the door coming from my parents,thank fuck I locked the door.


"Sweetie,how was the meet and greet?"; My dad asked,pounding his fist on the door repetitively. 


"Go away"; I murmured trying my best to sound strong through my tears. 


";Babe,what happened?"My mom asked,tapping her newly painted nails on the door. 


";DIDN'T YOU JUST HEARWHAT I SAID?FUCK OFF!"; I screamed,sitting up and running over to my 'bieber shrine'  


I hit everything off my desk,I watched as the Bieber dolls tumbled to the floor,all my perfumes smash and most of my cd's scratch. 


But that didn't bother me,I wanted everything that reminded me of him to go,I don't want to be reminded on the way he treated me.


";Fuck everyone!"; I screamed,ripping my neversaynever poster off the wall.


";Honey,language!" My dad scolded obviously still waiting outside the door.




I heard footsteps and then appliances in the kitchen being dropped,evident that they were going to cook or wash up.


I wiped away my tears and grabbed my MacBook Pro off the end of the bed,I sat cross legged and pulled my laptop onto my lap,I opened the lid immediately seeing my twitter line pop up. 


'@taybiebz: worst meet and greet ever,hope your happy @justinbieber you've lost a loyal as fuck belieber.' I smirked and pressed tweet,I began to write out another tweet to all my 34,678 followers.  


'@taybiebz:Justin is not who he seems,he's not the sweet boy you guys think he is,he was rude and disrespectful,don't waste your time supporting him,he doesn't care'


Within seconds I was getting angry mentions from beliebers. 


'@justinsboo: die bitch,go join 1d we have no room for your failure ass here.'  

'@kayjuju fuck off you rachet bitch,I can't believe I thought you were one of us,haha go die'  

'@bieberzmyn you don't even deserve to be breathing right now,i swear to god your fucked up,go to a mental institute you fucked up bitch' 

'@fionabieber why do I even bother making trends for your ungrateful ass,I hope justin shades the fuck out of you you cunt' 

'@biebazbitch no one would care if you died,lolololol' 

'@justinsshawty justin shits on you' 


(A/N:idk any of these users,they're off the top of my head,some might not exist but just pretend haha)


I shook my head and wiped away my tears.


Don't grow weak to the hate,they're just sticking up for Justin,something you used to do.  


I decided to tweet again.  


'@taybiebz:You don't know the full story,don't tell someone to die you idiots'  


'@taybiebz:I asked justin if he would kiss my cheek and he goes "what do you think this is?this isn't a damn kissing booth"..that's rude as fuck' 


'@taybiebz:And to top things off I asked him to smile in the photo and he basically said he'd rather be at home sleeping than making my dream come true'  


'@taybiebz:I'm sorry for letting down people but I'm done,I don't wanna be a belieber anymore'


I looked at my mentions again..  


'@JustinsGirl: @taybiebz it takes a lot of guts to admit that,ill miss you but I'm proud:)'


I smiled at the cute tweet and favourited it.  


'@numba1beliber you weren't a beliber anyway lol'  


'@taybiebs: @numba1beliber looks like your not either hunny,it's belieber'  


I watched as my reply was retweeted 13 times within one minute. 


I decided to tweet again. 


'@justinbieber you better not treat a belieber how you treated me,bc I swear I will kick your ass,no one deserves go through that bullshit from their idol'  


Suddenly my phone began to beep,I looked down to see that a notification from Justin's twitter had been sent through...he just tweeted.


I clicked on it and it took me straight to his tweet.  


'@justinbieber: you've opened my eyes...'  


I frowned and pressed refresh only to see he tweeted again.


'@justinbieber: worst meet and greet in all my career,I want to let u know I love all of u, #mybeliebers'  


I laughed at his poor cover up.


'@justinbieber yeah..that's why you treated me like shit,love you too 'kidrauhl''  


My mentions were blowing up again.  


'@lovejuju: @taybiebs do you hate justin?'  


'@taybiebs:@lovejuju I don't hate him,I just don't support/respect him anymore' 


Suddenly another tweet from justin came through. ;


'@justinbieber: @taybiebs ouch,that one stung a little' 


I replied with a simple 'good' and went onto my profile,instantly seeing someone had messaged me.  


I clicked on the message and my heart jumped out of my chest,justin had just messaged me.  


'I'm sorry'  


I replied with a quick remark.  


'I'm sorry I ever supported you.' 


'Tay don't be like that.' 


'Don't call me Tay.' 


'Why can't I call you by your name?' 


'My name is Taylor,so don't call me Tay.' 


'Listen Taylor,I was rude and disrespectful to you,I'm belieber deserves that.' 


'Quoting my tweet are we? Nice try but I don't care anymore,say what you want but it won't change anything.' 


'I don't normally message fans back.' 


'Is that supposed to make me feel special? I told you i don't care anymore,why don't you actually talk to a belieber instead of messaging me' 


'You were my belieber once.' 


'Now look that happened,I got to see the real you and now I'm not even a fan.' 


'That wasn't the real me,I promise you.'  


'You can't prove anything.' 


'Yes I can,meet me tomorrow,I have no concert or interviews.' 






'Why? I thought you hated didn't seem interested at the M&Gs this morning' 


'I was having a hard day,I could never hate my beliebers.' 


'I'm not a belieber anymore,I told you.' 


'Please Taylor,i felt so bad after what I said,I wasn't thinking,let me make it up to you..I wanna show u the real me' 


'I don't wanna see the real you' 


'Taylor,I was wrong and I haven't stopped thinking about what you said earlier,it's only hit me now how wrong I acted.' 


'Why do you want to show me so bad?' 


'I want to show you that what you saw earlier wasn't me,I was sleepy and I hate early mornings,it makes me short tempered and snappy'  


'So if I say yes....' 


'There will be a very happy Justin:).' 




'Thank you,can I have your number to contact you before tomorrow?' 


'Sure? *writes number*' 


'Oh and Taylor...sorry i took so long to notice you,I always say the special ones are always last:)' 


'Are you flirting with me?' 


'Bye now;) text u later.' 


*i coughed awkwardly and pressed the little x in the corner to come off the messages,I shut the lid of my laptop and fell back into my pillows*


What the fuck have I done? 






Hope you like this chapter,sorry it's boring and shit..  

Love you😘


Dm me on twitter :p @13iebur  





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